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    35 Pictures Of Childhood Things You Will Never Get To Experience (Again)

    Here's to all those childhood moments we'll never have again.

    1. A better way to talk to your friends:

    2. A more direct way to find out if somebody has crush on you:

    3. A more engaging way to learn all the countries in the world:

    4. A better way to travel the world:

    5. Anything as terrifying as this trilogy:

    6. A better smell than a brand-spankin'-new one of these:

    7. A more emotional movie scene:

    8. A weekly lunch you looked forward to more:

    9. A more exciting store to shop at:

    10. An exciting way to learn about animals:

    11. A better way to spend a rainy day during P.E.:

    12. A more confusing piece of P.E. equipment:

    13. A candy that was both tasty and made you feel like you ran sandpaper on your tongue:

    14. A better cereal box prize:

    15. A better combination of two delicious junk foods:

    16. A more flabbergasting condiment:

    17. A more fun way to play catch:

    18. A more exciting day at school:

    19. A better place to celebrate a birthday:

    20. A teacher you wanted in your life, all the time:

    21. A snack that transcends our dimension:

    22. A more satisfying way to discover a new movie:

    23. A ridiculous soul-crushing moment:

    24. A more inevitable thing:

    25. A purer form of ~magic~:

    26. A more exciting sight to see when you walk into a room:

    27. A more meaningless challenge than trying to click all the colors down at once:

    28. A more exciting intro to a TV movie:

    29. A more out-of-this-world after school snack :

    30. A more addictive book series:

    31. A oh-so-sweet and delicious drink that you'd gladly trade your sandwich for:

    32. A cooler design aesthetic:

    33. A better hiding spot than this:

    34. Anything more embarrassing than this:

    35. And finally, a better way to spend your afternoon: