35 Random Things From Your '90s Childhood That'll Make You Say "Wow, How Did I Completely Forget About That?!"

    A post for anyone who has repressed the terrifying Puttermans into the deep recesses of their mind.

    1. The bike aisle at Toys “R” Us that always smelled like fresh new tires...

    2. ...and the Barbie aisle which seemed to go on for a mile:

    3. Speaking of Barbie, the combs for them were one of the worst things you could step on barefoot:

    4. The Puttermans (aka the Duracell family), whose commercials did nothing but give you nightmares:

    5. Sweatin' to the Oldies VHS tapes, which just randomly appeared in your house one day and you never saw anyone actually use:

    6. The Rosie O'Donnell Show, which you rushed home from school to watch:

    7. Dannon Sprinkl'ins Yogurt "Creation Station" commercial that did nothing but make you crave one, badly:

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    8. This Fisher-Price medical bag:

    9. Planet Hollywood, which you thought was the coolest place you could eat at:

    10. Star Trek: The Next Generation action figures that were always just hanging for years on the shelf at K-B Toys, collecting dust:

    11. Life Savers Gummies that used to come packaged like regular Life Savers:

    12. Mini porcelain tea sets:

    13. Rescue 911, which would just make you just terrified of EVERYTHING:

    14. Those "warning" episodes of Oprah that would make you think whatever they were talking about would happen to you:

    15. The BluBlockers rap commercial:

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    16. Cartoon character photo albums that you really never ended up putting that many photos into:

    17. Those oh-so-fun books that had the sound effects bar on the side:

    18. Nightlights that were based on TV shows or characters:

    19. The Chevron commercials with the talking cars that LOVED to gossip:

    20. Hair Wraps books — which always left you with questionable results when you attempted to try one:

    21. Mini Middles, which were the greatest cookies ever:

    22. Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds commercial, which played non-stop:

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    23. The giant DC Super Heroes statues that decorated the inside of the Warner Bros. Studio Store:

    24. The back of the Disney Store where they had the stuffed animals wall and the big screen:

    25. Also, Disney Store gift boxes that looked like this:

    26. Hard Rock Cafe T-shirts that looked like this and you thought were hot shit:

    27. Kraft Handi-Snacks that came with that red ~spatula~ that would slice your tongue:

    28. Forbidden Bridge, which was more fun to play with by itself than as an actual game:

    29. Velcro wallets that were also keychains:

    30. The Super Smash Bros commercial where they started beating each other up:

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    31. Giant plastic pencils or crayons that were actually piggy banks:

    32. Clueless the TV series:

    33. The Bailey School Kids book series:

    34. McDonald's cups that looked like this:

    35. And finally, McDonald's Orange Drink, which was served like at every school function: