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    35 Random Things From Your '90s Childhood That'll Make You Say "Wow, How Did I Completely Forget About That?!"

    A post for anyone who has repressed the terrifying Puttermans into the deep recesses of their mind.

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    1. The bike aisle at Toys “R” Us that always smelled like fresh new tires...

    Langevin Jacques / Getty Images

    2. ...and the Barbie aisle which seemed to go on for a mile:

    Langevin Jacques / Getty Images

    3. Speaking of Barbie, the combs for them were one of the worst things you could step on barefoot:

    4. The Puttermans (aka the Duracell family), whose commercials did nothing but give you nightmares:

    dwfake /

    5. Sweatin' to the Oldies VHS tapes, which just randomly appeared in your house one day and you never saw anyone actually use:

    6. The Rosie O'Donnell Show, which you rushed home from school to watch:

    Frank Micelotta Archive / Getty Images

    7. Dannon Sprinkl'ins Yogurt "Creation Station" commercial that did nothing but make you crave one, badly:

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    8. This Fisher-Price medical bag:

    9. Planet Hollywood, which you thought was the coolest place you could eat at:

    Time & Life Pictures / The LIFE Picture Collection/Gett

    10. Star Trek: The Next Generation action figures that were always just hanging for years on the shelf at K-B Toys, collecting dust:

    11. Life Savers Gummies that used to come packaged like regular Life Savers:

    A Nostalgic Experience/

    12. Mini porcelain tea sets:

    13. Rescue 911, which would just make you just terrified of EVERYTHING:

    Las Series Retro /

    14. Those "warning" episodes of Oprah that would make you think whatever they were talking about would happen to you:


    15. The BluBlockers rap commercial:

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    16. Cartoon character photo albums that you really never ended up putting that many photos into:

    17. Those oh-so-fun books that had the sound effects bar on the side:

    18. Nightlights that were based on TV shows or characters:

    19. The Chevron commercials with the talking cars that LOVED to gossip:

    SFS EAS /

    20. Hair Wraps books — which always left you with questionable results when you attempted to try one:

    21. Mini Middles, which were the greatest cookies ever:

    A Nostalgic Experience /

    22. Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds commercial, which played non-stop:

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    23. The giant DC Super Heroes statues that decorated the inside of the Warner Bros. Studio Store:

    Evan Agostini / Getty Images

    24. The back of the Disney Store where they had the stuffed animals wall and the big screen:

    Gilles Bassignac / Getty Images

    25. Also, Disney Store gift boxes that looked like this:


    26. Hard Rock Cafe T-shirts that looked like this and you thought were hot shit:

    27. Kraft Handi-Snacks that came with that red ~spatula~ that would slice your tongue:

    A Nostalgic Experience /

    28. Forbidden Bridge, which was more fun to play with by itself than as an actual game:

    29. Velcro wallets that were also keychains:

    30. The Super Smash Bros commercial where they started beating each other up:

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    31. Giant plastic pencils or crayons that were actually piggy banks:

    32. Clueless the TV series:

    CBS Photo Archive / Getty Images

    33. The Bailey School Kids book series:

    34. McDonald's cups that looked like this:

    Mark Peterson / Getty Images

    35. And finally, McDonald's Orange Drink, which was served like at every school function:

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