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34 Unforgettable Back-To-School Things All ’90s Teenage Girls Did

Slip on your old pair of chunky sneakers and take a walk down memory lane.

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2. ...unless you went for a clear option — which meant you had to obsessively pre-select all the items you would put in it.

And of course, aside from having to constantly worry about everything looking good inside it, you also had to worry about it turning yellow quickly.

3. Picking out the perfect day planner.

Of course all this really did was serve as your address book and hold all the wallet-size group photos your friends had taken at the portrait studio in the mall.

6. ...or the clear slip-front binder, 'cause it REALLY let you make it your own.

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Slip in a few magazine cutouts and some personal photos into the clear outer pockets, add some decorative marker accents, and voilà: IT WAS TOTALLY YOU!

15. Taking a thumbtack and scratching out the face of a former friend, and then hanging the photo in your locker as well.

It sent a ~subtle~ message. Plus, you looked good in the photo — why would you throw it out?

26. ...but also finding a way to wear this classic a few more times before it got cold.

Via themid.com

Who we kidding? You could always find something to wear these with; this shoe went with EVERYTHING!!!

27. Having to make the crucial choice about which rubber band color(s) you were going to get on your braces at the orthodontist appointment before your first day back.

28. Making several important back-to-school clothing shopping trips to the mall with your friends, and then with your parents.

And, of course, having at least one argument with your parents about something they refused to buy you.

34. And finally, the stress of having to figure out what your first-day-back outfit would be.

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Unlike Cher, you didn't have her closet or her computer to help you out.

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