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33 Early-'00s Beauty Products That'll Make You Say, "OMG, I Used To Love That!"

A time when there was no such thing as too much body glitter or lip gloss!

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1. Giving yourself chunky highlights with L'Oréal Féria Colour Strands Highlighting Kit — which usually had disastrous results.

2. Or instead, using some clumpy hair mascara to give your locks a fresh look.

Nothing more natural than bright blue streaks!

Nothing more natural than bright blue streaks!

3. Keeping your face clean and clear with Proactiv, even though it kind of stung your face and left bleach spots on your towels and pillowcases.

4. Making your lips super sticky, but shiny, every time you used Lancôme Juicy Tubes.

5. Feeling like you smelled oh-so-pretty every time you sprayed yourself with Clinique Happy...

6. ...or Ralph Lauren Ralph.

7. Trying to make yourself look like Paris Hilton with self-tanner, which only left you streaky and smelling like wet Doritos.

8. Or making yourself look tan with lots of bronzer — which always left stains on your clothes.

9. Tasting some of the samples from Jessica Simpson's Dessert line while shopping in Icing, 'cause they smelled delicious.

10. Smearing your eyes with frosty eyeshadow. And there was never enough baby blue or white in the palette.


11. Or adding some glitter to your eyelids (and your face in general) with NYX's roll-on shimmers whenever you went out on a date.

12. Making sure you picked up a few LipSmackers (especially the Dr. Pepper flavor) anytime you went to the drugstore.

13. Licking off all the Lip Sparklers almost as soon as you put it on 'cause it smelled fruity and tasted ~kind~ of good.

14. Rolling on the glitter all over your body with Bath & Body Works Art Stuff roll-ons that also smelled so, so good.

15. And adding glitter to your nails with Revlon Street Wear nail polishes.

16. Adding some variety to your scents with Victoria’s Secret body sprays, but specifically Love Spell.

17. Thinking twice about putting these in your hair for fear they would pull your hair out when you took them out.

18. Knowing these would pull your hair out anytime you took them out:

19. Always having to adjust your bra strap headband, just like your regular bra strap.

20. Borrowing your friend's MAC Lipglass to give yourself SUPER shiny lips.

21. Adding a lot of this eyeliner whenever you wanted to bring out your inner Avril Lavigne.

22. Being completely obsessed with Britney Spears' Curious...

23. ...and J.Lo's Glow.

24. Asking your mom to pick you up some fresh new bottles of Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner because you had the "urge to Herbal."

25. Using Thermasilk shampoo so that your hair would have extra bounce.

26. Scoring the HOTTEST razor in town — a pink Gillette Venus with refillable blades(!!!!!).

27. Putting on some Urban Decay Marshmallow body powder and immediately being tempted to lick it.

28. Applying WAY too many coats of Maybelline's Great Lash mascara.

29. Before Kylie had her kits, you'd ~plump~ your lips with L'Oreal Rouge Pulp.

30. Using Sebastian Potion 9 to give your hair some extra shine, which also smelled a bit like shampoo and peaches.

31. Giving your body some bling before a date with some flashy crystal tattoos.

32. Borrowing your friend's CHI flat iron to get your hair stick straight, despite how much it fried your ends.

33. And finally, popping in a cute messy bun hair scrunchie (one that typically never matched the actual color of your hair).

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