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    If You Grew Up Visiting Your Grandma, Then You Definitely Saw These Things In Her House

    Basically, everyone had the same nana.

    1. This fan, which was about the only thing you could actually play with at her house:

    2. The ceramic Christmas tree that she left out year round and would burn you if touched it while it was on:

    3. A tin of butter cookies, that was NEVER FULL OF COOKIES:

    4. A bottle or two of Jean Nate on her bathroom counter:

    5. A collection of Tupperware that looked like this and was full of scratches and warped lids (from years of being washed in scalding hot water):

    6. Tupperware canisters — that you weren't sure what they actually had inside:

    7. Makeshift mystery Tupperware:

    8. Matching Pyrex sets that she would NEVER EVER let anyone take leftovers in:

    9. This pitcher that was always filled with lemonade that had a lingering taste of plastic and soap:

    10. Matching tumbler sets that had the decorative paint fading on them:

    11. A cabinet full of plates NOBODY ever ate from:

    12. This roaster. Always this roaster:

    13. An afghan that was clearly from the mid-'70s in the guest room or TV room:

    14. A set of TV trays that you never saw being used:

    15. The only "toy" you had to play with:

    16. A creepy ceramic figure (or several) that had eyes that would follow you:

    17. These toe destroyers (that would be all cracked from age):

    18. A collection of old National Geographics...

    19. ...and Reader's Digests that she refused to toss:

    20. A very old TV antenna on the roof (even if she had cable):

    21. The first television ever invented:

    22. And this portable (usually black and white) TV in the kitchen, that didn't have a "clicker."

    23. Wafer cookies...but usually either strawberry or vanilla flavored:

    24. A bowl of Werther's Original that was probably like two years old:

    25. An old artificial flower vase that had petals that had changed color from the dust on them:

    26. A cube picture frame that had pics of her grandkids in it and sat on her dresser:

    27. A stationary bike in a random room for no reason:

    28. A ~fancy~ crystal ashtray, even if she didn't smoke:

    29. The ~fancy~ room you were NEVER allowed to go in:

    30. Little fruit magnets...

    31. ...that went on a fridge that looked like this:

    32. And finally, a car with an interior that looked like this that she had in her garage and would only take out on Sundays: