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31 Candid Photos Of Marilyn Monroe In New York

In March 1955, photographer Ed Feingersh followed Marilyn around the city for a week — the results were some of the most iconic photos ever taken of her.

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In early 1955, a 29-year-old Marilyn Monroe -- on the advice of her acting coach Lee Strasberg -- left Hollywood for New York, in an attempt to break free from her contract with Twentieth Century Fox and her "dumb blonde" persona.

Once in New York, Marilyn moved into a suite at the Ambassador Hotel and formed a production company, Marilyn Monroe Productions, with photographer and friend Milton Greene.

Both Milton and Marilyn agreed that her image needed a boost if she wanted to be taken seriously as an actress. Milton arranged for a cover spread in Redbook magazine, in hopes that they would depict the "real Marilyn."

For one week, Redbook photographer Ed Feingersh followed Marilyn around New York, capturing intimate images of her in both her private and public life.

8. Marilyn admiring the cartoons on the wall, drawn by celebrated The New Yorker writer and cartoonist James Thurber, at Costello's restaurant on E. 44th Street.

Ed Feingersh's pictures of Marilyn in New York were published in the July 1955 issue of Redbook. Although he took some of her most iconic photos, the two would never work together again.

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