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    30 Unforgettable Things All Early-’00s Teen Girls Did In The Summer

    Back when you rocked platform sandals with gaucho pants and smelled like Pearberry body splash.

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    1. Begging your parents to allow you to get ~sunkissed~ chunky highlights.

    2. Talking to your BFF all day long over AIM and complaining about not having anything to do.

    3. Watching Sex and the City behind your parents' back.


    4. Wearing your Soffees around the house or whenever you went to the beach, lake, or pool.

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    5. Playing The Sims for hours and naming characters after your friends and crushes.

    6. Watching MTV's Summer House and being jealous of the people that were there.

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    7. Strutting around in a pair of these basically every single day of summer.

    8. Or rocking a pair of these when you wanted to wear something "dressy."

    9. Wearing flowy AF gaucho pants if you needed to wear pants somewhere.

    10. Having lightly tinted sunglasses that did nothing to protect your eyes from bright rays.

    11. Having a bunch of body sprays from Bath & Body Works that you kept in the fridge so that you could spray yourself whenever you were hot.

    12. Slathering yourself in self-tanner so that you looked EXTRA tanned.’s-best-self-tanners/

    13. Wearing some body bling by putting on a flashy crystal tattoo — which you usually wore on a spot that your parents couldn't see.

    14. Cutting up your old magazines to make collages to decorate the walls of your bedroom.

    People Inc./ YM/ Seventeen

    15. Getting shorts, sweaters, or T-shirts airbrushed at your local fair.

    16. Ditching your purse all summer in favor of a wrist wallet.

    17. Stalking all your crushes and frenemies on Myspace and seeing what they were up to.

    18. Begging your parents to allow you to get your belly button pierced, so that you could show it off while wearing your crop tops.

    19. Downloading every single new song you heard on LimeWire...

    20. ...and then making a ton of "mood" mix CDs with them.

    ralphpareasy /

    21. Perfectly flat-ironing your hair, even though you knew it would start to curl the minute you walked outside your house.

    22. Going through your Delia's or Alloy catalog and beginning to pick out your back-to-school outfits.

    23. Trying to maintain your acrylic square shaped French tips in good shape (despite the heat and all the swimming).

    24. Layering your tanks, and having the bottom one be the type with the built in bra.

    Scott Gries / Getty Images

    25. Wanting a Juicy Couture velour shorts set.

    26. Having a version of a striped dress as your "going out" outfit.

    Mark Mainz / Getty Images, WireImage/ Photo by Jim Smeal

    27. Smearing your lips with sparkly lipgloss, CONSTANTLY.

    28. Basically visiting Blockbuster every other day to rent a new movie (or the same ones, AGAIN).

    Craig Mitchelldyer / Getty Images

    29. Drinking like 12 of these a day.

    30. And finally, wearing Uggs with short denim skirts, even though it was a 100 degrees outside.

    Photo by Amy Graves / WireImage

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