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3 Reasons The Tree Tots Family Tree House Was Awesome

This short-lived playset and toy line left a memorable mark on ‘70s & ‘80s kids.

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1. It had a unique and very imaginative design.

Tree Tots Family Tree House captured many preschool kids' imaginations through its creative design. It was a tree that with the push of a button (on the top of the tree) revealed a three-room house, complete with an elevator, staircase, swing, and garage.


In 1984, Kenner reused the mold of the Family Tree House for the Ewok Family Hut.


According to Recycling the Force, however, Lucasfilm would not allow Kenner to simply change the color and name on the playset:

"Although, in terms of design, the Ewok toy borrowed extensively from Kenner's very successful Treetot house, it was entirely retooled. According to Kenner sources, Lucasfilm would not allow the toy company to tie a purely recycled version of the Treetot product to their license. So Kenner totally resculpted the toy. In the end, the Ewok Family Hut borrowed the basic design and interior workings of the older toy and simply cloaked them in an updated outer casing."

Tree Tots Family Tree House commercial (1978):

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