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    3 Reasons The Tree Tots Family Tree House Was Awesome

    This short-lived playset and toy line left a memorable mark on ‘70s & ‘80s kids.

    Introduced in 1975 by Kenner, the Tree Tots Family Tree House was an attempt to compete with Fisher-Price’s Little People.

    1. It had a unique and very imaginative design.

    2. It came with all the figures you needed.

    3. It was versatile playset.

    Sadly, the Tree Tots line did not last very long — and was discontinued by 1980.

    In 1984, Kenner reused the mold of the Family Tree House for the Ewok Family Hut.

    Today on eBay a complete playset goes for as much as $350.

    Tree Tots Family Tree House commercial (1978):

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