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    2gether's Noah Bastian's Drug Addiction Is The Subject Of New Documentary

    A Kickstarter campaign has started in the hopes of documenting Noah's journey back to recovery.

    Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

    (Noah, bottom right, at the MTV Movie Awards 2000)

    In the early 2000s, Noah Bastian was known as Chad “The Shy One” Linus from the fictional MTV boy band 2gether. The group disbanded in 2001, after member Michael Cuccione passed away.

    In the decade-plus since, Noah has struggled to keep his life together. Last week he took to his Facebook and opened up about his battles with meth addiction:

    "Everyone needs to know that this is hard for me to admit and please, please be gentle with your messages to me, because despite what you think you know of me I am NOTHING more than a human being with feelings and emotions who is asking for nothing from anyone! This is a project that will help me any so many others and open people's eyes up to this EPIDEMIC our world faces called drug addiction!!!! This is something that has taken me years to realize was the reason I am the shell of a person I used to be! Please if u have something to say to me please make it hopeful and loving!! Today has been hard for me so please, keep it civil and know that once again I'm a person with feelings! noah"

    Noah’s brother, filmmaker Tyler Bastian, along with director Tim Skousen, have started a Kickstarter campaign to help fund a documentary, titled Noah: Clean, Prison, or Dead, that will document Noah’s struggles with addiction and recovery.

    They hope the documentary will not only save Noah’s life, but also help others who are struggling with addiction.


    (Noah 2013)

    Watch a clip of Noah: Clean, Prison, or Dead:

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