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    29 Things That Tween Girls Were Obsessed With In The Early '00s

    Back when all you needed in your life was Neopets and the Limited Too.

    1. Stocking up on Mary-Kate and Ashley lipgloss any time you went to Walmart, 'cause it was a great dupe for Lancôme Juicy Tubes:

    2. Speaking of the Olsen Twins, their video games were like low-key fun:

    3. Creating a moody Myspace page (if you felt angsty and wanted everyone to know):

    4. Putting together the perfect Limited Too first day of school outfit:

    5. Also the faux silk PJs they sold at Limited Too were all sorts of cute:

    6. And, let's not forget, getting the Limited Too catalog in the mail and circling everything you wanted to get:

    7. Downloading songs from Avril and 3LW off LimeWire and hiding them from your parents so that you wouldn't get in trouble:

    8. Burning specially made mix CDs for your friends (usually with the MP3s downloaded off LimeWire):

    9. Saving up your old Cosmo Girl! and Teen People back issues to make collages on your bedroom walls or to cover boxes or folders with:

    10. Wearing a temporary rhinestone tattoo (usually on your arm) to a school dance to look extra blingy:

    11. Going online just to play Neopets...

    12. ...and to create dolls on Dollz Mania:

    13. And of course, jumping on the computer just to play The Sims (and naming your Sims after your friends and crush):

    14. Wearing big chunky skate shoes, which TBH, provided excellent ankle support:

    15. Carrying around a lowercase-initial pleather purse:

    16. Watching the DVDs for Napoleon Dynamite...

    17. ...and Mean Girls over and over every weekend (then referring to all your friends as "Tina" or quoting Mean Girls to death the following Monday):

    18. Buying a few of these slippers to rock with your new shorts or gauchos during the summer:

    19. Wearing skinny scarves during warm weather:

    20. Buying these oh-so-pretty Limited Too markers and then never using them 'cause you didn't want to waste them:

    21. Having a Paul Frank tee or two 'cause they were so cute:

    22. Having a collection of mini-barrettes to fit your mood:

    23. Having a cool AF backpack (usually a Kipling or one that looked like it):

    24. And finding a ~cool~ keychain or four to attach to your backpack:

    25. Rocking a Baby-G Shock 'cause they were basically a Rolex to tweens:

    26. Having a bottle of this as your daily go-to fragrance:

    27. Using Claire's body glitter roll-on any time you wanted to feel GLAM:

    28. Calling at least 25 times to vote for a contestant on American Idol:

    29. And finally, having this EXACT outfit and wearing it all the time:

    Was there something from the early '00s that we totally missed and you would want to share with us? Use our image uploader below for your chance to be featured in a future BuzzFeed post.