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    Posted on Nov 14, 2014

    29 Struggles Every Holiday Retail Worker Knows To Be True

    When you play the Game of Black Friday, you win or you die.

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    1. Holiday shoppers who are perched at the door to rush in the minute you open.

    Can I open my damn register first?

    2. Shoppers who destroy everything and buy nothing.

    Were you people born in a rebellion?!

    3. Being understaffed on a busy day.

    Because your co-worker called out "sick."

    4. Or worse yet, being overly staffed on a dead day.

    Just twiddling my thumbs singing along in my head to the same Michael Bublé Christmas song again.

    5. Having to work with a seasonal employee, who normally would never qualify to work in retail.


    And they'll break under pressure.

    6. Being forced to listen to the same Christmas music over and over.

    Universal Music Group

    But they are never any songs you WANT to hear. (Can I get some Mariah Carey up in here?!)

    7. When you say "Happy Holidays" and the customer feels they have to correct you with, "It’s Merry Christmas."

    May I please remind you that the constitution delineates a clear separation of church and shopping.

    8. Customers thinking that you have a magical supply of merchandise stock in the back.

    What part of “everything that is on sale is out,” did you not understand?

    9. Being told over and over, “Wow, they’re making you guys work on Christmas Eve."

    Then why are you shopping on Christmas Eve?!

    10. Having customers waste your time by having them tell you their life story/problems.


    Christmas 'tis the season of oversharing.

    11. Having to print out several gift receipts after you've already finished the transaction.

    Why didn't you tell me you needed 13 gift receipts when I asked you if you needed any?!

    12. Being asked to gift wrap things for free. And then having your skills judged.

    Gift wrap #fail Good luck on the iPad. RT @ColTalbot1 I hope it's an iPad

    ML Hart@MsMartha_writerFollow

    Gift wrap #fail Good luck on the iPad. RT @ColTalbot1 I hope it's an iPad

    5:06 AM - 24 Dec 13ReplyRetweetFavorite

    13. Having your scheduled lunch moved around.

    "Can you wait till 3:30 p.m. to take lunch? I know you been here since 6:30 a.m., but you know how crazy the holidays can be!"

    14. Having to decide whether or not to get everyone's gifts from the place you work.

    GAP Inc.

    OK, let's be honest, you're going to do all of your shopping there. You're already there 12 hours out of the day AND you get a discount.

    15. Your friends and family feel more than OK with abusing your discount.


    "Yes, I am buying these 18 sweaters for myself. Why do you ask?"

    16. Knowing you're going to lose your commission when customers return things after the holidays.

    Warner Bros.

    "Would you like me to throw away the dinner receipt you left in this jacket you said you never wore?"

    17. Dealing with customers who bring back their holiday gifts with no receipt.

    Did you really think you were going to get full store credit for that shirt that has been on sale since Memorial Day?!

    18. When your store manager gives in to a customer's demands, and makes you look like an idiot for following store policy.

    Thanks, now that customer feels entitled to throw me shade.

    19. The customer who thinks you’ll open the store just for them.

    You're not, tho.

    20. People who won’t leave when the store is closed.

    Listen heffa, I have to be back here at 6 a.m.

    21. People who find a regular priced item in the sale section and demand a discount on it.

    Paramount Pictures

    "Maybe that works in 'Born Yesterday Gap,' but this is Baby Gap, ma'am."

    22. Having to deal with the headache of professional discount hunters (aka people who want to spend ZERO money on holiday gifts).

    “No sir, I don’t think I can take another 10 cents off that $1.99 item.”

    23. Having to deal with entitled customers who feel that the $40 they're spending allows them to belittle you.


    "Hope you go out of business!" Yup, haven't heard that one before.

    24. Having to deal with that customer at the register who has multiple transactions, when you have a line out the door.



    25. Having your requested days off denied.


    I see the store manager and the employee he's close with get to enjoy time off at Christmas, while I'm scheduled to work 7 days in a row... *sips hot cocoa*

    26. The annoyance of being clocked out and being asked to help.

    "I have my keys, phone, and bag out. Does it look like I am working?"

    27. Being scheduled to work till 11 p.m. and staying till 2 a.m. to clean.


    Does this qualify as overtime or nah?!

    28. Realizing that working during the holidays will sap every ounce of Christmas spirit out of you.

    Warner Bros.

    My Christmas spirit has turned into one of the ghosts from Amityville.

    29. Knowing that it's not truly over on Christmas Day... because tomorrow the returns start.

    Columbia Records

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