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    29 Things All '90s Kid Had In Their Parents' House Growing Up

    Or again, at least, knew someone who had them in their home.

    1. Celestial prints that usually hung in your bathroom (along with coordinating hand towels and/or shower curtains):

    2. This adjustable desk lamp that you had in your room and knew better than to touch the top of when it was on (it would burn the hell out of you):

    3. This ~fancy~ lamp that your parents would have on their desk and would also burn the hell out of you if you touched it while it was on:

    4. Some sorta plate or casserole dish with peppers on it:

    5. Cutesy prints that usually hung in the kitchen or guest room:

    6. And creepy ceramic masks that hung in the guest room:

    7. Checkered kitchenware (usually coffee canisters and mugs):

    8. Sculptural candle holders that sat on the dinning room table:

    9. Also in dinning room: Wrought iron candle sconces that held candles that were NEVER lit:

    10. New tins that were made to look vintage, which your family used to store things like tea and Sweet'N Low packages:

    11. Blonde wood furniture that looked oh-so-contemporary:

    12. A white coffee machine (to match the other appliances) and was always covered with old coffee stains:

    13. Pastel colored plates that were chunky and looked like they were hand-painted:

    14. A fancy dish for the butter:

    15. A Miracle Mop that you never saw anyone actually use:

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    16. A bottle of Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds on your mother's dresser:

    17. Picture frames that were also photo albums (usually featuring photos of just one wedding or a particular family remember):

    18. The window picture frame that was either for your school photo or photos that your parents had to cut to make fit:

    19. And this frame, which looked like it was taken from Rachel and Monica's apartment:

    20. Decorative olive oil bottles infused with random things that your mom decorated the kitchen with, but NEVER used:

    21. A fancy decorative plate that nobody was allowed to use and just sat on the kitchen counter:

    22. Small topiaries that looked like something straight out of the gardens of Versailles:

    23. An old vase your parents had since the '80s:

    24. A mail basket that usually ended up just collecting junk:

    25. Duvets and sheets in your parents' bedroom that had patterns that looked like this:

    26. Fancy modern clocks that just looked like something from Back to the Future: Part II and were just fug:

    27. An Ab Isolator that your parents ordered, but ended up never using:

    28. Collectors McDonald's plastic cups, which were the best to drink from 'cause they were so big:

    29. And finally, the random Anne Geddes book that sat on your family's coffee table and nobody was sure how it got there:

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