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    28 Things That'll Make Every '90s Kids Say, "Wait, I Had That In My House Too!"

    Or, at least, knew someone who had them in their home.

    1. The oh-so-ethereal mosquito net that seemed to adorn every '90s tween and teen girl's bed:

    2. Pleather bean bag chairs that got all hot if you sat in them too long:

    3. These wavy CD towers that let you and your family display all the soundtracks you guys owned:

    4. Or one of these shorter CD towers that rotated like a Lazy Susan:

    5. Window scarves that usually added a touch of ~class~ to your parents' room or living room:

    6. Having a ~fancy~ armoire in the living room or family room, so that when guests came over you could hide the TV (but your family never actually did):

    7. This cable box that gave off the most blinding light in the middle of the night:

    8. Ivy stenciling — usually done in the kitchen:

    9. Decorative wall borders that usually matched the wall color:

    10. Shabby chic bedding that always looked like it was made out of your nana's porcelain dolls' clothes:

    11. Rice paper floor lamps that everyone got at Ikea and would always get a rip within the first two months of your family owning it:

    12. Slip-covered sofas that just made the sofa look like it was lazy and wearing PJs:

    13. This grey or black 32-inch TV (which weighed like 150 pounds) that had to be put on a substantial piece of furniture, so it wouldn't fall and accidentally crush you:

    14. Computer desks that took up 3/4 of a room:

    15. Stereo systems that looked like this and your parents told you you could NOT touch:

    16. And huge speakers — that sat on the floor — to go along with the stereo:

    17. Sponge painted walls that your mom usually did as a weekend DIY project to the guest bathroom:

    18. Hunter green accent walls, accessories, curtains...basically this color was EVERYWHERE:

    19. Whitewashed oak cabinets in the kitchen, that usually had brass or brass and porcelain hardware with it (it was the LOOK):


    20. A phone that hung in your family's kitchen — which you guys also had to get the extra long cord for so you could walk out of the kitchen with it:

    21. Oversized coffee/tea cups that looked like they were props taken from Central Perk:

    22. A "cool" VHS rewinder that no one actually ever used:

    23. Celestial patterns, which would either decorate a bathroom or a bedroom:

    24. Sunflower accessories...especially in pottery. They were the IT '90s flower (see Sunflowers perfume):

    25. Chunky wooden coffee tables that had corners you would always hurt yourself on:

    26. Murals that looked fake AF:

    27. Couch pillows that came in patterns that looked like a Vegas casino carpet:

    28. And finally, these damn stuffed animal nets that made it impossible to reach your favorite stuffed animal:

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