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27 Things You Won't Understand Unless You Went To High School In The Late '90s

You had mail, but you had to wait ’cause your mom was using the phone.

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1. Having your parents begrudgingly agree to allow you to have a pager.

Via 90s90s90s.com

And then learning pager code:

3579 : This is weird

1423: I want to die

143: I love you

187: I want to kill you

7. Going to the portrait studio at the mall and getting photos taken with your friends.

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Then taking those wallet-size photos and CAREFULLY handing them out only to people who were your friends or crush. And writing a personal message to them on the back of the photo.

8. Selecting the perfect day organizer, which really just served as your address book and a place to write your friends' birthdays.

It was also overrun with wallet-size group photos your friends had taken at the portrait studio in the mall.

17. ...and being jealous of that ONE friend who had a cell phone.

Via youtube.com

"Mom, I really need one! It's, like, much better than a beeper. You can reach me whenever you want and I will always answer your call." —You, circa 1998

23. Having to pretend to be ~ironically~ into Spice Girls, NSYNC, and Backstreet Boys ’cause their music was considered more for elementary and middle school kids.

"LOL, no. I only know those NSYNC songs because my little sister has the CD and she plays it all the time." —You, circa 1999

25. These were the movies that defined your life:

Dimension Films/ Buena Vista Pictures/Columbia Pictures/ Columbia Pictures/ Paramount/Columbia Pictures/Paramount/ 20th Century Fox/ Universal Pictures

These were also your first go-to rentals whenever you made it a Blockbuster night!

27. And finally, setting up your very first email address — which you weirdly NEVER used.

Via mentalfloss.com

"Yes, you can email me at ButterflyGirl83@aol.com. But, I don't check my email everyday so it might take me a couple of days to get back to you."

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