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    27 Photos That'll Give Any '80s Kid Warm And Fuzzies Memories About Christmastime

    One thing about Christmastime in the '80s, basically anything with lights would burn your hand.

    1. Circling all the toys you wanted from the Sears Wish Book...

    2. ...and Toys "R" Us Christmas Dream Book in hopes that your parents would see it and secretly buy it for you for Christmas.

    3. Listening to these two albums over and over while helping your parents decorate the tree:

    4. Making your parents take you to McDonald's so that you could get the holiday edition Muppet Babies stuffed animals.

    5. Taking some sorta holiday photo that looked like this (basically lots of cheap velvet, plaid, and faux satin):

    6. Seeing this type of font on Christmas signs and decorations everywhere:

    7. Being a little scared when watching Mickey's Christmas Carol, 'cause it was a tad darker than you expected.

    8. Making stitch decorations with your mom or grandma.

    9. Having the Fruity Pebbles Christmas commercial play every 10 minutes and knowing the whole thing by heart:

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    10. Eating off vinyl place mats that looked like these:

    11. Having fugly tins around your house that doubled as both decorations and places to store Christmas tree ornaments.

    12. Decorating your Christmas tree with ball ornaments that felt like they were made with faux silk threads.

    13. Begging your parents to buy you cartoon-themed Christmas wrapping paper and then refusing to use it 'cause it was way too cool.

    14. Getting a Holiday Barbie and not being able to take it out of the box 'cause it was a collector's item.

    15. Having a Hallmark ornament with the year you were born on it.

    16. Going over to your grandma's house and seeing her decorate her house with decorative plates...

    17. ...and that ceramic light up Christmas tree that burned you if you touched it.

    18. Listening to "Do They Know It's Christmas?" over and over 'cause your parents bought the single (since it was for a good cause!).

    19. Watching Will Vinton's Claymation Christmas and thinking it was the coolest Christmas special ever!

    20. Realizing, even as a kid, that the He-Man & She-Ra: A Christmas Special was a mess.

    21. Looking in the TV Guide to see when all the holiday specials were airing, so you wouldn't miss them — 'cause there was no other way to see.

    22. Helping or being forced to untangle Christmas lights that looked like this (these also burned your hands if you touched them when they were lit).

    23. Having extra Christmas light bulbs (to replace all those burned out ones) in boxes that looked like this:

    24. Setting up these giant-ass candles outside that always toppled over when the wind blew too strong.

    25. Begging for Teddy Ruxpin as a gift, even though it was creepy AF.

    26. Receiving a Cabbage Patch Doll even if you didn't ask for one 'cause it was THE GIFT to give.

    27. And finally, singing along to "Last Christmas" and not realizing what a depressing song it is:

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