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27 Things That Were Very Much "A Thing" For People Ages 24-34

You can probably still taste that Disney VHS clamshell!

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1. This Fisher-Price Little People parking garage that you played with at your grandma's house:

2. This sugar-coated orange candy (that you ONLY ever saw and ate at your grandma's):

3. Biting on the edge of your VHS clamshell as you watched the movie — it was just so satisfying:

4. The warm plasticky smell of VCR after it had played a movie:

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5. Entertaining yourself watching these penguins go up and down the slide:

6. Wearing your light-up shoes at night or somewhere dark:

7. Opening and closing a Blockbuster VHS rental case just to hear the "click":

8. The clicking sound these made:

9. Bubble lockets that were virtually impossible to actually blow bubbles from:

10. This screensaver that you could watch for ~hours~:

11. These things that smelled like a bag of nickels and somehow you still liked to put on your face:

12. Eating off these plates:

13. Hating Meredith from The Parent Trap:


14. Cleaning the inside of a mouse 'cause it was just so damn satisfying:

15. Taking pictures with this camera and then carefully thinking just exactly where you wanted to stick the photos afterwards:

16. Deciding which Spice Girl you were, which one your friends were, and having a justifiable reason why:


17. Listening to 30-seconds of music on your HitClips:

18. Doing the "Cha-Cha Slide" at school dances:


19. Creating Sims that looked like and were named after your crushes and friends:

EA Games

20. Writing all over the toe of your Chucks:

21. Covering your wrists with little rubber bands to show how woke you were:

22. Putting your age as 99 years old on Myspace ('cause LOL):


23. The warm (OMG, is this thing overheating?) smell of a CD being burned:

24. The thrill of secretly following the LiveJournal of somebody you went to school with:


25. Getting a bunch of free iTunes downloads from the Pepsi giveaway:

26. Taking selfies that looked like this:

27. And finally, putting a shoutout to "your girls" in your AIM profile or away message:

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