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    27 Struggles That Were All Too Real To '90s Teens

    Yes kids, an entire household had to share ONE phone (gasp)!!!

    1. Having to decide whether to take a photo or not 'cause you were running out of pictures in your camera:

    2. Having to buy or rent video guides to learn how to do things:

    Arcade Punks/

    3. Having to decide whether to tape over something 'cause you didn't have a blank VHS tape:

    4. Taping something and not realizing that the VHS tape was bad and having it look like this:

    5. Having to plan your week around the schedule of your favorite TV shows (if you didn't know how to program the VCR):

    6. Having a weird, long gap at the end of a mixtape 'cause you couldn't find a song short enough to fit in the remaining time space:

    7. Having the inflatable chair stick to you whenever it was a slightly warm day:

    8. Whenever you tried to play your Gameboy during a car trip at night (which was basically impossible):

    Adam Ellis/ BuzzFeed

    9. Having dial-up internet... that would constantly go down:


    10. Having your VCR destroy your favorite movie:

    11. Having a dried out Wite-Out pen when you actually needed to use it:

    12. Not having a phone around to call back someone who paged you:

    13. Being hungry and finding out that there are only two or three pizza rolls left in the box:

    Courtesy of General Mills

    14. Taking a bite too soon of a fresh-out-of-the-oven Bagel Bite and burning the inside of your mouth:

    15. Having an employee not sell you an album 'cause it had a parental advisory sticker on it:

    16. Having to have your finger on the remote whenever you were watching something racy on TV in case your parents came into the living room:


    17. Having to rush to Blockbuster to drop off your videos so that they wouldn't charge your parents a late fee:

    Robert Sullivan / AFP / Getty Images

    18. Ordering something through a catalog only to get a letter back saying the item was out of stock:

    19. Having to keep all your friends’ or family’s phone numbers on an enormous list (it was either that or memorizing them all):

    20. Having to make small talk with your friends' parents whenever they answered the home phone:

    New Line Cinema

    21. Having your parents or siblings listen to messages your friends left for you on the answering machine:

    Fox Television

    22. Having only Cliffs Notes as a way to read abridged versions of school books:

    23. Having to listen to the SAME five or six CDs 'cause you forgot to change the albums in the CD changer:

    24. Having to wait in long lines in order to get a good seat when going to the movies:

    Stephen Jaffe / AFP / Getty Images

    25. Having to get to Ticketmaster really early and waiting in a long line if you wanted tickets to a popular concert:

    Paul Hawthorne / Getty Images

    26. Having to share a computer with your ENTIRE family:

    UncleAwesome /

    27. And finally, having this happen to your baggy jeans any time it rained or snowed:

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