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27 Memes All ’90s Kids Will Totally Relate To

For anyone who has burned the inside of their mouth on a Bagel Bite.

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1. The little pleasure you got before even putting the movie in:

2. They’re gone but not forgotten:

3. There was really no bigger disappointment:

4. Something every kid who owned a Polly Pocket learned quickly:

5. One of the most traumatizing childhood moments of all time:

Warner Bros. Entertainment

6. These were hardly aerobically effective:

7. I think we can all agree...the cookie-to-frosting ratio was way OFF:

8. Jessie Spano taught you that TOO much excitement is actually a dangerous thing:


9. Whoever picks Dawson over Pacey: You’re dead to me.

Sony Television

10. Fighting evil by moonlight, causing crazy drama by daylight:

Toei Animation

11. When this happened it was like watching your life savings melt before your eyes:

12. Having this disaster happen would just ruin your day:


13. Because your parents were sick of accepting the collect call charges:

14. Somehow you never learned and managed to burn the top of your mouth every single time:


15. Still gives you nightmares, TBH:


16. Rocking Saturday night since 1992:


17. Inflatable furniture destroyed all your decor goals:

18. The cheapest (and tastiest) way to get rainbow hair in the ’90s:

19. Just going into The Disney Store was magic enough:

20. Was Highlights magazine created just for the waiting rooms of doctors' offices?

21. Admit it, you secretly wished you could be Angelica Pickles:


22. The worst thing about those oh-so-pretty stars that decorated your ceiling:

23. Because the price is alway right:

CBS Television

24. You learned what "dysentery" meant at a very young age:


25. “Girl Power” was when your S.O. became friends with your friends:

Sony Music

26. Archaeologists in the future are also going to wonder what this hieroglyphic meant:

27. Sorry Taylor, but this is the squad we want to be in:

ABC-Disney Television

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