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    Updated on Jun 3, 2019. Posted on May 11, 2017

    27 Memes That Are Uncomfortably Real For Anyone Between The Ages Of 25 And 30

    Nothing like having the pain of a hangover wake you up and remind you you're no longer 21!

    1. When you spend 13 hours lounging around and somehow feel even more exhausted:

    Fox/ carolynduchene/

    2. When you're trying to budget and save money, but then have a "treat yo' self" moment when your direct deposit hits:

    3. When you're trying to budget by making your own meals but are too lazy to cook:

    PBS/ nostalgia/

    4. When you're just feeling petty AF:

    5. When you feel like getting a little (aka a lot of) immediate validation from Instagram and this happens:

    Disney/ louisvuittonbackpack/

    6. When you have the best of intentions, but your couch beckons you instead:

    Viacom/ nostalgia/

    7. When you all of a sudden start NOT wanting to go out at what you once thought were reasonable hours:

    8. When your bank account decides your Friday night plans for you:


    9. When have no choice but to take an Uber with a 3.0x surge rate and this happens:


    10. When you start panicking thinking you texted something that can be misconstrued to your crush:

    E!/ louisvuittonbackpack/

    11. When you realize you don't have enough money in your bank account to pay for your snack/dinner:


    12. When you and your fuck buddy get into a fight, and you need to pull out the receipts:

    Fox/ bulge2go/

    13. When you're still in the middle of pregaming and someone yells "The Uber is here!":


    14. When you come home from a wild night out and are trying not to wake up your roommates:

    15. When you realize you can't drink like you did in college anymore:

    Lauren Yapalater/ BuzzFeed

    16. When your roommate accidentally forgets to do something:

    17. When you binge-watch Chopped and The Great British Bake Off and now think you're gourmet:


    18. When you call your parents for some quick advice and instead it turns into a 30-minute call about everything you're doing wrong in life:


    19. When you literally put on a happy face:

    E!/ http://first.2.thirst

    20. When you promise yourself that you're going to be responsible and this happens:


    21. When you have those awkward moments during which you wish you could wear a sign that says "I am not here to make friends":


    22. When you go home to visit your parents, and they seem less than enthusiastic:

    Viacom/ sonny5ideup/

    23. When you go out on a work night and start thinking about your life choices:

    Viacom/ carolynduchene/

    24. When you’re trying to get the MOST out of your money ‘cause you're broke AF:


    25. When you realize you have more money in your bank account than you thought:

    Viacom/ memezar/

    26. When you scroll through Facebook and feel like you're in a way different place in life than some of your high school and college friends:


    27. And finally, when someone asks you how you're doing:

    Fox/ nostalgia/

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