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    Updated on May 22, 2019. Posted on Nov 20, 2018

    27 Pictures Any Millennial Can Hear, Even If They Haven't Heard Them Since The '90s

    A list for anyone who was woken up in the dead of a night by a talking Furby.

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    1. The Bop It ~yelling~, "Twist it, pull it, bop it":

    2. Steve Urkel saying, "Did I do that?"

    ABC Television

    3. Enigma singing "Return to Innocence" in the Pure Moods commercial:


    4. The sound a Tamagotchi made when it was being fed:

    5. The audience yelling "Go Ricki, Go Ricki" on the Ricki Lake Show:


    6. The voice saying, "You've got mail" on AOL:


    7. The theme song to Animaniacs:

    Warner Bros. Television

    8. Baby Sinclair yelling, "Not the mama!":

    ABC/ Disney

    9. The creepy guy from the perfection commercial screeching, "Pop goes Perfection!":


    10. Powerline performing "Eye to Eye":


    11. The annoying sound a dial-up modem made:

    12. The Mall Madness speaker thing saying, "Attention shoppers, there's a sale at the...":

    Macey J. Foronda/ BuzzFeed

    13. Stick Stickly singing, "Write to me, Stick Stickly. PO Box 963 New York City, New York State, 10108":


    14. The PlayStation boot up page:

    Rex Warden/

    15. The VCR sounding like it was going to fall apart whenever it rewound a tape:

    MrWolfSnack /

    16. Mario saying "Lets-a-go!" on Mario Kart 64:

    17. The Nokia ringtone:

    18. The Budweiser Frogs saying, "Bud," Weis," "Er":

    19. A Furby shouting gibberish in "Furbish":

    Getty Images

    20. Nick Jr.'s Face saying, "Hi there, Face here!":

    21. The Mel B singing, "Zig-a-zig-ahhh":

    Sony Music

    22. Miss Cleo's voice:

    Miss Cleo

    23. The sound of the Windows 98 start-up page:


    24. The Skip-It jingle:

    Matty Brown VHS Archives /

    25. The song on the menu page for Crash Bandicoot:

    26. The THX sound effect:


    27. And finally, the Reading Rainbow theme song:


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