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    Posted on Nov 20, 2014

    27 Dogs Who Just Can't Get Enough Of The Snow

    Sure, for their human companions the snowfall has been horrible, but for these dogs its all about fun!

    1. This dog that can't even hide her happiness:

    2. This dog that is just so excited to have the snow-filled playground to herself:

    3. This dog, who just wants to take it all in:

    4. This dog, who is feeling majestic:

    5. This dog that just likes the feeling of snow brushing up against his face:

    6. This dog, who just realized he found the perfect hiding spot:

    7. This dog, who just wants to build a snowman:

    8. This dog, who is just enjoying the feeling of being immersed in the snow:

    9. This puppy, who just can't comprehended it all:

    10. This dog, who is having the best walk of his life:

    11. This dog, who just realized that snowfall really is an endless game of catch:

    12. This dog that can't even contain her excitement:

    13. These two that are contemplating whether to dig another hole or not:

    14. This dog, who just wants to chill:

    15. This dog, who is so excited he forgot how to roll:

    16. This dog, who just wants to live in this igloo for the rest of his life:

    17. This dog that just realized that she never knew what running was like, till she ran in the snow:

    18. This dog, who is staring in amazement at his new backyard mountain:

    19. This dog, who is excited that it's finally sweater weather:

    20. This dog that won't let a blizzard stand in the way of his fun:

    21. This dog that just wants to snuggle with the snow:

    22. This dog, who is having a blast catching snowballs:

    23. This dog, who is more than happy to dig a path for everyone:

    24. This dog, who clearly does not want to go back inside:

    25. This dog, who can't even:

    26. These three buddies, who know that playing in the snow is best with the ones you love:

    27. This dog, who just wants to relax and savor the moment:

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