26 Photos Proving Diana Ross Invented The Concept Of Fierce

    In the 1970s, no other person personified the word DIVA better than Ms. Ross. Beyoncé who?

    1. A recently solo Diana serving up the SEX appeal in 1970.

    2. Nude catsuit? She rocked it 30-years before Britney.

    3. Easily a dozen foxes died to make her fab coat. "But I am worth it," she thought to herself.

    4. "Oh this? This is what I wear when I don't care how I look."

    5. Looking fabulous while channeling Billie Holiday (of course) in her Lady Sings the Blues-era.

    6. Working her famous bedroom eyes...

    7. ...which she can also work into a serious side-eye.

    8. Striking a pose in her OWN design (thank-you-very-much).

    9. The cheetah is NO match for Ms. Ross.

    10. This is how you LOOK when hanging out backstage at Rolling Stone concert.

    11. Afros? Yeah she can rock it.

    12. She can even make fugly '70s wallpaper look fab.

    13. Diana is so fierce she made this fabric sparkle.

    14. She even has the power to make gold lamé look elegant.

    15. The camera can't even handle her in this moment.

    16. And yes, she can even make '70s mom style look sexy!

    17. Simple and gorgeous on the cover of her album Last Time I Saw Him.

    18. Dazzling us with a simple smile.

    19. Channeling her Supremes days.

    20. Proving the stars and the moon revolve around her.

    21. This is how you do bitchface!

    22. Striking a seductive pose.

    23. Serving us some "Bonnie Parker" realness.

    24. An all eyes on me entrance.

    25. Nicki Minaj, eat your heart out.

    26. "LOL, I am fabulous."