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26 People Who Instantly Regretted Being Arrested In Ironic T-Shirts

You have the right to remain ironic.

1. I know the truth hurts, but maybe they really weren't great ideas?

2. To be fair, she did warn everyone:

3. Looks like the police, in his case, made an exception:

4. I think, for the sake of accuracy, this man should have added an "almost" before "responsible":

5. Clearly it's time to relocate:

6. At least he lived up to what his T-shirt says:

7. Wait, is that a drawing of him on the T-shirt?!

8. At least she is being honest:

9. This guy might just be a Shaggy fan?

10. But the cops did:

11. His "Oh shit!" face matches his T-shirt:

12. That cat on her T-shirt is totally blaming her:

13. As opposed to thinking about your actions in advance:

14. I wonder if the cops believed his story?

15. To be honest, I am more troubled by the fact that he is wearing a Señor Frog's T-shirt:

16. I bet the cop just pointed to his T-shirt, while reading him his Miranda rights.

17. Clearly he is not taking his own advice:

18. Someone call Mensa, one of their members was arrested:

19. Clearly:

20. Someone's not getting their money back:

21. "But I'll take all the blame":

22. I am pretty sure she was wishing she were somewhere else:

23. Hopefully not:

24. She should've paid attention to the instructions on her T-shirt:

25. I take it he did not pass go or collect $200:

26. There is some real Inception-level shit going on in this guy's family reunion T-shirt, which prominently features his previous mugshot:

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