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    25 Catholic Tweets That'll Have You Saying, "Wow, This Is So Real!"

    "Is that dirt on your forehead?" —every non-Catholic on Ash Wednesday

    1. When you have this panic-inducing moment and realize you need a ~map~ to get back to your pew:

    When you're walking back from communion and you forget which pew you're sitting in #GrowingUpCatholic

    2. When Catholic guilt and peer pressure are one in the same:

    “I slept through Ash Wednesday mass senior year and felt left out so I just rubbed eyeshadow on my forehead” #catholicproblems

    3. When you say, "And also with you," instead of "And with your spirit" out of habit:

    When someone says “and also with you” at mass. 😂🙊 #spo #sponation #catholicproblems #catholicmemes…

    4. When you go to your non-Catholic friend's church service and are totally caught off-guard:

    when you're Catholic and step into a Protestant service for the first time #growingupcatholic

    5. When the thing that you give up for Lent seems to haunt you for 40 days:

    I just ordered 4 boxes of Girl scout cookies which will probably arrive in the middle of Lent. #selfsabotage…

    6. When the whole "Judge not, lest ye be judged," goes out the window during mass:

    #GrowingUpCatholic Talking shit about the people in the choir when I’m not the one in the choir.

    7. When the priest puts the ashes on you on Ash Wednesday:

    Feeling like Simba every year #growingupCatholic #AshWednesday #catholiclife

    8. When your non-catholic friends ask you this question every year on Ash Wednesday:

    "Is that dirt on your forehead?" Me: #catholicprobz

    9. When you don't get your Lenten reminder text from your mom:

    When you forgot lent started today and already had meat #CatholicProblems

    10. When someone tries to use the Lord's name in vain, but your brain rescues it:

    My co-worker just said "Lord have mercy!" And I responded with "Christ have mercy." 🙄😂🤦🏻‍♀️ #catholicproblems

    11. When this awkward exchange goes down in the pews:

    When someone ignore your sign of peace during mass #catholicproblems

    12. When you and your siblings used church to basically break the bones in each others hands:

    are u really siblings if u don't try to crush each other's hands during the Our Father at church

    13. When you have that moment where you debate sticking your finger into your mouth in front of the entire congregation:

    #growingupcatholic - panicking when the Eucharist gets stuck to the roof of your mouth

    14. When Palm Sunday is more like "Perfecting Your Palm Crosses For An Hour Sunday":

    That moment of #PalmSunday Mass when we tune out to braid palms like it's art class. This is why we can't have nice things. #CatholicProbz

    15. When you thought this as kid, but really feel it as an adult:

    16. When you commit a sin to hide your sinning:

    When you make up a sin in confession and the priest has all these follow-up questions: #growingupCatholic

    17. When the only time of year your mom took you to McDonald's was during Lent:

    #growingupCatholic Yer ma taking you to Mc Donald's on a Friday and buying you this....

    18. When your mom would make sure you were listening during mass:

    #GrowingUpCatholic #ChurchProblems 😂 #CatholicMoms

    19. When the Communion wine isn't the only alcohol in your system during midnight mass:

    Me when #MidnightMass comes on & I’ve polished off half a case of wine and I’m trying to keep it together....…

    20. When you pull this romantic maneuver during mass:

    #GrowingUpCatholic sitting next to your crush during mass so you can hold hands during the Our Father

    21. When you leave right before Communion so you can "avoid" the parking lot jam:

    Standing in the back of the church so you could leave during 'half time' #growingupCatholic

    22. When you feel like the priest was subtweeting your life:

    23. When the priest accidentally hits you with too much holy water:

    #growingupcatholic getting hit with holy water

    24. When it seems like mass might never, ever end:

    when the announcements at the end of mass were longer than the homily #growingupCatholic

    25. And finally, this four-word, spot-on summary of every Catholic mass ever:

    Stand. Sit. Kneel. Repeat. #GrowingUpCatholic