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25 Things You'll Only See In Florida

Oh Florida, never stop being you.

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1. This store name that manages to be both racist and sexually suggestive:

2. This golf cart-driving senior citizen, who clearly thinks this freeway is part of his retirement community:

3. This classy mailbox of a manatee dressed up like Elvis:

4. This giant lobster having sex with a Volkswagen Beetle:

5. This couple that isn't afraid to buck conventionalism:

6. This Lamborghini on hydraulics:

7. This truck that just wants to be a convertible:

8. This father who took out a sign to let the world (or Florida) know just how much he loves his daughter:

9. This elegant homemade bumper sticker:

~ pins on Pinterest board ~

10. This summer-ready wheelchair:

11. This woman, whose parents are probably regretting they gave her that name:

12. This spray painted outline of road kill:

It's borderline art, TBH.

13. This lounge, which offers way more than just karaoke:

14. This decal on the side of this giant BBQ grill:

15. This twist on turducken:

16. This towing truck company with a very punny name:

17. This very important newsflash:

18. This boat car, 'cause why have a separate boat and car?

19. This practical and understated bicycle:

20. This refined lingerie shop that is also a great place to do your Mother's Day shopping at:

"Here Mom, enjoy these crotchless panties."

21. These oh-so-tempting shots:

22. This terrifying warning sign:

23. This sign terrifying mental image:

24. This important warning:

25. And finally, this sign that reminds everyone that Florida is Heaven's waiting room: