25 Pictures That'll Make Any Kid Who Went To Elementary School '90s Say, "I Remember That"

    Back when Kid Pix was the ultimate in computer technology.

    1. A "Best Teacher" mug that usually sat on your teacher's desk and was full of pens and markers:

    2. A 1980s electronic pencil sharpener (that also sat on your teacher's desk):

    3. A set of cursive instructions at the top of the chalkboard:

    4. These suckers, which never, ever stayed closed for long:

    5. These cubes, which were supposed to help you learn math, but you used to build swords with:

    6. This paste that you loved getting all over your fingers and then peeling off:

    7. Glue sticks that you kept in your cubby hole, but really never did a good job of gluing things down:

    8. These scissors that could barely cut through paper and just really hurt your hand:

    9. A plastic movie or cartoon-themed lunch box, that came complete with a clunky-ass thermos:

    10. A pencil pouch to store your pencils in in your backpack, which you usually stopped using after about the second week of school:

    11. ~Cool~ bookmarks that helped make reading extra fun:

    12. These pencil sharpeners that, um, really didn't sharpen your pencil at all:

    13. These calculators and the yellow carrier for them:

    14. These jump ropes which hurt like a bitch if you accidentally whipped yourself with them:

    15. Kid Pix, which helped you create so, so many works of art during computer time:

    16. Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?, which taught you so much about cities around the world without you even realizing it:

    17. Brain Quest, which was maybe the second funnest thing to play in class (after Heads Up Seven Up, of course):

    18. These, which you spent more time smelling and less time drawing with:

    19. These helpful and colorful things that helped you write better (or so that's what we were all told):

    20. A Lisa Frank or cartoon/TV show-themed three-ring binder (it ~showcased~ your personality):

    21. These next-gen writing utensils, which seemed futuristic to your elementary school self at the time:

    22. These pens, which all you did with was try to press all the colors down at once:

    23. These Troll pencil toppers that actually made it hard to write with:

    24. A collection of "fun" erasers that, um, actually didn't erase anything:

    25. And finally, this board (with those damn red cards) that let the ENTIRE class know how you were doing: