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    25 Pictures That'll Speak Directly To All '90s Kids' Souls

    Cosmic Brownies > every other snack

    1. Having Kirby's Dream Land as your go-to road trip Game Boy game:

    2. Feeling like you were treating yourself to a gourmet meal whenever you had a Kid Cuisine:

    3. Being addicted to watching Boy Meets World and having several episodes bring you to tears:

    4. Having Nickelodeon Studios as one of the main reasons you wanted to visit Orlando:

    5. Watching Hercules and feeling that you needed (and still need) a movie of just the Muses:

    6. Always picking the cheeseburger or french fries seats to sit on whenever you went to McDonald's:

    7. Having a strong urge to call Miss Cleo whenever her commercials aired:

    8. Thinking a beeper was the ultimate must-have gadget:

    9. Not only watching this movie over and over, but also quoting it endlessly:

    10. Carrying around a whole little world in your pocket:

    11. And also carrying around a book filled with some many little worlds:

    12. Breaking out in a cold sweat whenever you watched this stressful AF scene:

    13. Getting so pumped whenever you saw the commercial for Crossfire:

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    14. Fighting with your siblings over who got to use the clear (aka the coolest) N64 controller:

    15. Having your ~first designer~ sheets be Disney character ones:

    16. Learning so much random trivia whenever you watched Pop-Up Video:

    17. Never missing an episode of Batman: The Animated Series...

    18. ...or X-Men: The Animated Series (which you still think are the best-adaptions of the comics in any media):

    19. Feeling like you won the lottery whenever you found one of these in your lunchbox:

    20. Wearing one of these around like it was actually jewelry before finally taking a lick of it:

    21. Wanting a dog just like Wishbone:

    22. Decorating your walls and ceiling with glow-in-the-dark stars, which you thought looked so dreamy at night:

    23. Having French bread pizza as your go-to afternoon snack:

    24. Watching Space Ghost Coast to Coast and having most of the jokes go over your head:

    25. And finally, knowing that it was truly summertime whenever you saw Sears play that one air-conditioning commercial:

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