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25 Things All '00s Girls Are Secretly Ashamed They Did

*Burns Juicy Couture tracksuit*

1. Buying a fake Takashi Murakami Louis Vuitton bag and passing it off as a real one.

2. Wearing low-rise jeans and intentionally showing off your thong.

3. Creating a Sim that looks just like your BF or crush and making a family with it.

4. Feeling more attracted to Chris Kirkpatrick than J.T.

5. Leaving a super-emo AIM away status with either My Chemical Romance or Dashboard Confessional lyrics.

Because only they could put into words your tween/teen angst.

6. Dying your hair so it looked skunk-colored.

7. Getting way into your usage of Jergens Natural Glow.

8. Wearing ironic graphic tees.

9. Bedazzling your own clothes.

10. Going in chatrooms and pretending to be older than you were.

11. Creating a fake profile to stalk somebody (aka your crush or enemy).

12. Wearing short skirts and Uggs.

13. Being obsessed with Abercrombie & Fitch and thinking it was the coolest store ever.

14. Having Tom as one of your Top 8 friends instead of one of your real friends.

15. Taking high-contrast selfies.

16. Illegally downloading music on LimeWire and lying to your parents about why your computer was running slow.

17. Having a collection of pink Von Dutch trucker hats.

18. Trusting dating advice from Seventeen magazine.

19. Having an embarrassing screen name.

20. Wearing foam platform flip-flops with everything.

21. Saving up your entire allowance for years just to afford a Juicy Couture velour sweatsuit.

22. Writing all your feelings in a Xanga account.

23. Being Team Marissa.

24. Making a mix CD about your crush.

25. Going through your deep and dark emo phase by getting side bangs and wearing too much eyeliner.

And thank god that phase is OVER!