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25 Struggles You Most Likely Forgot You Had 15 Years Ago

"Back in my day, we had to sync something called an iPod to a computer in order to hear music!"

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5. ...downloading a mislabeled song you really didn’t know and misattributing it to another artist...

Sony Music/ Twitter: @KaZaASongs

Nothing was more embarrassing than when someone pointed out that you had it wrong.

7. ...having a fight over who got to record what in your family, 'cause there was only ONE DVR, and it could only record ONE show at a time...

And nothing more infuriating than when your siblings would delete the show you DVR'd to make room for theirs.


13. ...having your parents or siblings listening in on your phone call (on the other line) when using your home's landline...

New Line Cinema

Nothing like talking to your crush as your siblings listened in from the other room. Good times.


17. ...having an incomplete map, because you didn't realize there were extra pages you needed to print out...


OK, but to be fair, it was easy to be confused since the extra page was usually just ads.


20. ...having no fall back movie you wanted to watch, when Blockbuster didn't have the movie you wanted to rent...

Getty Images/ Tim Boyle

* walks aimlessly through Blockbuster waiting for a DVD cover to speak to me *

23. ...having to carry around a portable DVD player and DVDs if you wanted to watch movies while traveling somewhere...

And making sure that shit was fully charged, 'cause it only had like a two hour battery life.