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    Updated on Aug 21, 2019. Posted on Feb 17, 2019

    25 Alternative Songs That Were Huge In 1999

    I blame the Y2K scare for some of the music choices we made that year.

    1. Filter, "Take A Picture"


    Random fact: Lead singer Richard Patrick is the younger brother of actor Robert Patrick, who you probably know best for playing T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

    2. No Doubt, "New"


    Why you were so excited about this song: At the time this single, which was from the Go soundtrack, was the first new No Doubt song in four years.

    3. Foo Fighters, "Learn to Fly"

    Foo Fighters/

    Thing you probably remember most about this song: The music video where the band all played different characters on a plane.

    4. Lit, "My Own Worst Enemy"


    Other late-'90s things this song reminds you of: Baggy Dickies, stainless steel ball chain necklaces, Velcro wallets, and chunky skater shoes.

    5. Sugar Ray, "Every Morning"

    Sugar Ray /

    What this song proved at the time: That Sugar Ray wasn't a one-hit wonder.

    6. Smash Mouth, "All Star"


    Fact everyone forgets about this song: That "All Star" was used in the movie Mystery Men two years before it was used in Shrek.

    7. Blink-182, "What's My Age Again?"


    Thing you probably remember most about this song: The music video, which featured the guys running around naked and cameo from porn star Janine Lindemulder.

    8. The Offspring, "The Kids Aren't Alright"

    The Offspring /

    Where you heard this song the most: On the mixtape you made that was 50% songs off Americana.

    9. Limp Bizkit, "Nookie"



    10. Korn, "Freak On a Leash"


    Thing you probably forgot about the music video for it: What a huge hit it was on TRL.

    11. Cake, "Never There"

    UMG / Via

    What you probably thought the first time you heard this song: Is this a new Cake song or an old one?

    12. Bush, "The Chemical Between Us"


    Most late-'90s thing about this: The music video looked like outtakes from The Matrix.

    13. Lo Fidelity Allstars, "Battleflag"

    eydaimon /

    Place you most likely heard this song for the first time: On the overhead speaker system at Tower Records.

    14. Fatboy Slim, "Praise You"

    Skint Records/

    Fact this song reminds you of: How big electronica was in the late '90s.

    15. Moby, "Bodyrock"


    What you probably thought the first time you heard this song: Is this Fatboy Slim?

    16. Orgy, "Blue Monday"


    What this song makes you miss: New Order.

    17. Garbage, "Special"


    Thing that stands out about this song: How Garbage perfectly incorporated the sample of The Pretenders' "Talk of the Town" into the song.

    18. Len, "Steal My Sunshine"

    LEN TV/

    Memory this song brings back: How it was played everywhere in the summer of 1999.

    19. Lenny Kravitz, "American Woman"

    Lenny Kravitz/

    Where you heard this song the most: On the Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me soundtrack, along with Madonna's "Beautiful Stranger."

    20. Hole, "Malibu"


    Behind-the-scenes drama you probably forgot about: That Billy Corgan (who co-wrote this song, along with four others) was not happy that it was included on the album.

    21. Red Hot Chili Peppers, "Scar Tissue"


    How this made you feel at the time: Excited and happy, the song was a return to form for the RHCP.

    22. Everlast, "What It's Like"

    Tommy Boy /

    What everyone was thinking about this song at the time: Wow, I didn't know this was the guy from House of Pain!

    23. Creed, "Higher"


    Lyrics in the song that you always misheard: The part at the end of the pre-chorus where Scott Stapp slurs, "Come on, let's go there/ Let's ask, 'Can we stay?'"

    24. Pearl Jam, "Last Kiss"

    ckPUNISHER1992MUSIC1 /

    What you probably associate this song with most: Your friend who was a big Pearl Jam fan and would constantly tell you that they had this song long before everyone else, when it was a fan club exclusive.

    25. Goo Goo Dolls, "Slide"

    Goo Goo Dolls/

    What this song reminds you of: How many great songs the Goo Goo Dolls had in the late '90s.

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