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    25 Signs You Might Be Penny Hartz From "Happy Endings"

    Because let's face it, you're AH-MAZING!

    1. You're all about Pinterest, We Heart It, and vision boards.

    2. You've done the five-second rule -- when you probably shouldn't have.

    3. Your birthday's are nothing but bad memories.

    4. Also, you don't like to talk about turning the big 3-O.

    5. You can be a little clumsy sometimes.

    6. You don't read...

    7. ...but when you do, it must be a book written by someone on the cover of Us Weekly.

    8. You know the struggle of getting the perfect selfie.

    9. Playing sports isn't really your thing...

    10. ...but if you're going to play, you have to look fabulous doing so.

    11. You're old-fashioned when it comes to dating...

    12. ..but you're also realistic about it.

    13. You're not afraid to tell everyone the kind of mood you're in.

    14. You get overly excited when you are in a new relationship.

    15. Responsibility. Not really your thing.

    16. You know the importance of quoting TLC's "No Scrubs."

    17. High school was not a good time for you.

    18. You're honest with your friends.

    19. Sometimes you're brutally honest.

    20. You're fabulous when you drink...

    21. ...and even your hangovers are fab.

    22. You can make anything into a positive.

    23. You don't have time for haters.

    24. You know the importance of having a TV character spirit animal.

    25. But most importantly, you're this always: