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    25 Things That Were Just Oh-So-Satisfying To '90s Kids

    Those things from your childhood that made you go, "ahhhhhh!"

    1. Whenever you'd get the ratio of graham cookie to frosting 100% right when eating your Dunk-a-Roos.

    2. Whenever you'd get a Scholastic Arrow or Troll order form and you'd circle all the books you wanted.

    3. Whenever you'd sing into a fan and hear your voice, which sounded like a cross between Cher in "Believe" and a robot.

    4. Whenever you'd go to the grocery store with your parents and pull a bunch* of coupons from one of these and act like it was money:

    5. Whenever you'd hide from your parents in one of these while at the department store:

    6. Whenever you'd finish drinking out of Solo Jazz cup and you'd write your name on the side of it with your fingernail.

    7. Whenever you were able to get the cap back on your Push Pop without getting your fingers all sticky with candy

    8. Whenever Animaniacs...

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    9. ...or The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air came on and you would sing along with the intros perfectly.

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    You're probably singing them in your head now.

    10. Whenever you were on the school bus or in your parents' car and your portable CD player WOULDN'T skip.

    11. Whenever you would immediately find Waldo...

    12. ...or see the hidden image quickly in Magic Eye.

    13. Whenever your parents allowed you to go into the store you wanted to go to while at the mall with them.

    14. Whenever you'd walk through the kids door at Imaginarium and feel like you were entering a magical world.

    15. Whenever you'd get a new Disney VHS tape and immediately organize your entire collection so that it had a flow that only made sense to you.

    16. Whenever you'd finish using one of these large art cases and you'd put everything back exactly like it originally came:

    17. Whenever you'd get the straw perfectly into a Capri Sun on the first try.

    18. Whenever it was your turn to pick the movie to rent and Blockbuster actually had the one you wanted.

    19. And whenever you'd pop the rental VHS tape into the VCR and it was actually rewound.

    20. When you'd use the mouse for the first time after giving it a good cleaning.

    21. Whenever you'd make swords linking cubes at school.

    22. Whenever you'd bite into a hot Bagel Bite and NOT burn the inside of your mouth.

    23. Whenever you'd discover that the cable company accidentally gave you a premium channel for free.

    24. Whenever you'd turn on the TV Guide Channel and immediately catch the exact channel you were looking for.

    25. And finally, whenever you were successfully able to log onto the internet without being kicked off or having someone telling you they had to use the phone.