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    25 Things That '90s Kids Told Themselves That Are Total Lies In Retrospect

    Time to get real.

    1. These lava lamp looking drinks were not actually good:

    2. Inflatable furniture was never comfortable:

    3. There was no way you could've beaten Supermarket Sweep, no matter what your ~strategy~ was:

    4. Same for Aggro wasn't easy to beat:

    5. These wooden slides at Discovery Zone were more painful than actually fun:

    6. The Game Boy Camera was cool, but even for the time the photos were shitty:

    7. That these were STRESSFUL AF to care after:

    8. Pogs were really fucking dumb:

    9. OK, these Halloween buckets might have looked cool, but, lets be real, they could hold, like, no candy and they also hurt your hand if you carried them for too long:

    10. These only provided about two minutes of actual fun:

    11. While this was awesome, there was NO WAY to play a trick on anyone using it:

    12. These really weren't that fun:

    13. You could not actually blow bubbles with these necklaces:

    14. The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride was NOT a good and worthy sequel — it really doesn't live up to the original:

    15. These stars looked NOTHING like a nighttime sky:

    16. The treats this made were not actually that tasty:

    17. That these didn't taste like anything other than wax:

    18. That these were really just gross, glorified dust-and-other-people's-hair-collectors:

    19. Turning off base boost did nothing:

    20. These didn't make you jump any higher and it took a lot of effort to balance yourself on them:

    21. These really didn't make your voice louder:

    22. This was the worst music player ever:

    23. These were lame and never took the place of a REAL dog:

    24. Babs and Buster Bunny were the worst part of Tiny Toons:

    25. And finally, that school pizza was not as good as regular pizza: