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    24 Pictures That Will Make You Feel Like You’re 89 Years Old

    Warning: This will def mess with you!

    1. First off, we're closer to 2040 than we are to 1996!

    2. And this fall there will be kids in high school who were born in the year 2005. YUP, 2005!!!

    3. Which means they’ve never lived in a world without the first three Harry Potter movies.

    4. Christian Bale has always been Batman to them.

    5. And all the Star Wars prequels have always existed (which means they probably watched all the movies in chronological order).

    6. There has never been a new episode of Friends in their lifetime.

    7. And SpongeBob has always existed to them.

    8. In fact, SpongeBob is such an old show it airs as part of Nick at Nite.

    It's so weird seeing SpongeBob on Nick at Nite We really need more Nicktoons on late at night. Nick at Nite otherwise is the most boring shit in the world at this point...

    9. Kenan and Kel are in their forties.

    10. Speaking of Kenan and Kel, you first started watching them on All That 25 years ago...

    11. ...which was also when The Lion King was released into theaters!!!

    12. All the teen stars on this ICONIC cover are now in their thirties.

    13. Blink-182 has been considered classic rock for a while now:

    I just heard Blink-182 on a classic rock station, and I think I need a drink now.

    14. And The Killers are also being played on classic rock stations:

    I just heard @thekillers "Somebody Told Me" on a classic rock station. A small part of me died inside. Songs of my youth are now "classic".

    15. And to kids today The Killers are a classic rock band, like the way you think Led Zeppelin is:

    when some kid refers to The Killers as ’classic rock’

    16. Kids these days have no idea what Game Boys are…

    17. …and an iPod classic means diddly-squat to them.

    18. Also, this is something that kids today will never understand:

    19. Or how this used to be a common thing:

    20. And they'll never know that a hashtag was once known as the pound sign.

    21. You singing Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl"...

    22. ...or The Pussycat Dolls' "Don't Cha" today would be like someone in 2005 singing a song from 1991.

    23. Also reminiscing today about what an awesome movie Space Jam was/is is like someone in 1996 reminiscing about a movie from 1973.

    You right now processing that:

    24. And if none of that made you feel old, just remember: