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24 Pictures That Are All Too Real For Twentysomethings

"So you can update your Instagram and Facebook, but won't text me back?"

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5. When you plan to have an awesome "catch up on life" dinner with your friend and they text to tell you they're tired and need to reschedule:

Disney / Via Twitter: @DisneyReactss

"OMG sorry, can't make it out tonight, I am exhausted and have to be up early tomorrow. 😔😕😔"

7. When you're shopping with your BFF and they are not only being honest, but shady AF, too:

Disney / Via Twitter: @DisneyReactss

"Um, if you're in a bad mood and literally don't want to be here. Why did you agree to coming shopping with me?"

8. When you're somewhere you don't want to be and you kill your phone's battery looking at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and useless searches:


10. When you're so obviously drunk that the bouncer won't let you into the club, but you tell everyone you're fine and know a BETTER place:

11. When you visit your folks during the holidays and your mom walks into your room and starts talking to you at 7:00 am, like that is a reasonable hour to wake you up:


15. When you're SO high, but try to act like you're a 100% fine:

Mindblown me be like... #DisneyReactions @Witchking7

"Like, whoa!"


17. When you're just having a normal conversation with your parents and it all sudden turns into a talk about EVERYTHING you're doing wrong with your life:

"We're just saying this 'cause we love you. If we didn't we wouldn't be saying this."

19. Or when all of your friends look fly AF and are ready to go out, but one of your friends is being wishy-washy about heading out with you guys:

When someone in the squad says they don't want to go out

"Come out with us, we'll have a good time. Besides, you asked to meet you at your place to pre-game -- you owe us!"


21. When you're headed home after a long night out and your Uber driver tries to make conversation:

Disney / Via Twitter: @DisneyReactss

"Yeah, what? Sorry I didn't understand that. Wait, could we stop by McDonald's on the way back...I'll get you something!"

23. When you and your S.O. have a fight in public, but have to wait to get home to really yell at each other:

"Just wait till we're home, and I don't care if your roommate hears!"

24. And finally, whenever one of your relatives corner you and ask what you want to do with your life:

When someone asks me when I'm doing with my life

"Um, can I just go through my twenties like this and make up my mind at 30?"