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    24 Pictures Old Millennials Can Hear, Even If They Haven't Heard Them In Years

    "Write to me..." —Stick Stickly

    1. Razr's "Hello Moto" ringtone:

    2. Stick Stickly singing his address:

    3. The voice saying, "You've got mail" on AOL:

    4. The "click, click" sound that moving the film made on a disposable camera:

    5. The "la la la la la" in the Daria intro:

    6. The "coin noise" that the Game Boy Color startup screen made:

    7. The xylophone-esque noise of the Nintendo GameCube startup screen:

    8. The exaggerated pinball noises of Space Cadet:

    9. Regis Philbin dramatically saying, "Is that your final answer?" on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?:

    10. The lit as hell Disney Channel Movie intro:

    11. The whispery "life is unfair" part of the Malcom in the Middle intro:

    12. The, "You think you know...but you have no idea," part of the MTV Diary intro:

    13. The earth-shaking sound of THX:

    14. The "Whaaaaassssup?" from the Budweiser beer commercial:

    15. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog yelling, "I KEED!"

    16. Christina Aguilera singing "LIKE A VIRGIN...WOO!" during the opening of the 2003 VMAs:

    17. The elevator-sounding music that played in the background of The Sims:

    18. The car screech during the beginning of Ricky Martin's "Livin' La Vida Loca" music video:

    19. Crossfire's dramatic AF jingle:

    20. The little Time Warner intro before Animaniacs started:

    21. That scary as hell guy who screeched "POP GOES PERFECTION" like a banshee in the Perfection commercials:

    22. The sound of the Windows log-off page:

    23. The voice that would say "Mentos, the freshmaker" at the end of Mentos commercials:

    24. And finally, the sound that dial-up made:

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