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24 People Who Shouldn't Be Allowed To Decorate Cakes

There is no autocorrect in real life.

1. Remember, it's Sheri with an "i":

2. This almost sounds like it's a Beatles lyric:

3. Speaking of lyrics, this sounds like the misquoted song lyrics to Lisa Loeb's "Stay (I've Missed You)":

4. They couldn't even get the "welcome" right:

5. Were they trying to spell Bennigan's?

6. Well, I think it's safe to assume someone wasn't valedictorian of their class:

7. Maybe they were just afraid of copyright infringement?

8. It's good to celebrate those small accomplishments in life:

9. At least the icing penmanship is pretty:

10. To be fair, there is a good chance that this baby girl was wearing pink when she came from the hospital:

11. I hope this was for a stoner couple:

12. Never question a cake artist's choices: If they want to use red, they'll use RED:

13. This add-on really was asking a lot of a cake decorator:

14. The real question is, who gets a birthday cake for Christmas?

15. Perhaps they really meant to say that?

16. Was this the cake decorator's passive-aggressive way of saying, "I don't speak French"?

17. Well, at least they spelled her name right:

18. I have to be honest, I don't know what they were going for with those cake instructions:

19. So I guess there was room after all:

20. Lesson here is: Make sure that you explain you want the pattern and not the gas station sign!

21. Sometimes you just want to keep things simple:

22. At least they knew which cake was being picked up at 11:00:

23. What?

24. Reminder: At no point did this cake decorator question putting a cat (instead of a cap) on her head, in this graduation cake: