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    24 Horrible Things Everyone Experienced In Elementary School

    None of these deserve a gold star!

    1. When you tried to erase something on a test and it turned into a messy smudge:

    Then trying to erase that mess with a new eraser and having it nearly tear the paper.

    2. When you passed a note in class and the teacher caught you, and then read the note aloud:

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    “Kyle says, ‘Do you like me check, yes or no?’ Well, do you, Sarah?”

    3. When your fingers would get caught in the wheels of this useless P.E. contraption:


    4. When this happened to your three-ring binder:

    Worse, you could see it coming.

    5. When you'd get awarded a less-than-desirable Scratch-N-Sniff sticker from the teacher:

    "Oh, I really, really love the smell of ham stickers!" said no kid ever.

    6. When the teacher asked you to write an answer on the overhead projector and your sweaty palms smeared all the marker ink:

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    Plus, being nearly blinded by the light.

    7. When your hair (if you had long hair) got stuck in the screws of this type of chair:

    Always a painful surprise to stand up and feel strands of your hair yanked from your scalp.

    8. When you were last to get lunch and the cafeteria had run out of pizza:

    "Sure, I guess I'll eat this dry AF peanut butter and jelly sandwich instead."

    9. When you tried to use these scissors that basically couldn't cut through paper and just really hurt your hand:

    TBH, they were probably older than the teacher.

    10. When you'd color with a crayon that was a completely different color than it appeared:

    "Well, I guess the Joker will be a blonde now."

    11. When this would happen to your yellow marker:

    It was always an "oh shit!" moment.

    12. When you'd save the BEST Valentine's Day card from the pack for your crush, but get back a terrible one from them:

    "Oh, I see how it is!"

    13. When you'd take your eyes off the game for a second and immediately get hit by the dodgeball in the face:


    Of course, the entire class saw it happen.

    14. When you tried to quietly sharpen your pencil, but instead it sounded like you were chopping something down with a chainsaw:

    * entire class turns around and looks at you *

    15. When you'd sharpen your pencils and they'd turn out like this:

    Then you'd try to resharpen them, but have them come out the same again or even worse.

    16. When you'd get hit by one of these painful MF'ers:

    Twitter: @KindaElSoussi

    They were no joke.

    17. When you wanted to drink from the water fountain but the pressure was so low you basically* had to put your lips on the fountain head:


    * And by "basically" I mean you did or else you wouldn't be able to drink from it.

    18. When you'd try to open your milk carton and this would happen:

    Then having to just tear it open as best as you could and drink it from a straw.

    19. When you tried to be slick and toss wet paper towels onto the ceiling of the bathroom only to have them fall back on your face:

    It felt super icky.

    20. When you got stuck sitting on the school bus seat with the broken spring:

    And no matter how you positioned yourself, it was always uncomfortable.

    21. When your teacher had NO chill and just stuck a bunch of red cards into your daily progress board:

    Twitter: @IM_MR_HOLLYWOOD

    Great, now the whole class knows I’m not doing well in math!”

    22. When you were forced to awkwardly stand in front of the classroom by yourself:

    Just counting down the minutes 'til you could sit back down.

    23. Whenever the teacher made the "I'll wait" face:

    Twitter: @icomedic

    Then just having them stare at the class for like what felt like forever.

    24. And finally when you walked in and saw the TV cart in your classroom, but never end up watching anything:

    Twitter: @nicrux


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