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23 Times Autocorrect Had A Dirty Mind

The real question: What are we typing into our smartphones on the regular that is making autocorrect learn such language?!

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1. When Bobby had a There's Something About Mary moment:

2. How the kids found out that their dad was hooking up with Aunt Liz:

3. Target really does stock EVERYTHING:

4. The first date that went terribly, terribly wrong:

5. Sometimes you just can't deliver the news in person:

6. 'Cause they don't make them like they used to?

7. It's important to create your own holiday traditions:

8. Well that's one way to get a raise:

9. You really do need to preschedule these things:

10. There is more than one way to relieve stress:

11. Well, the turkey and side dishes don't pay for themselves:

12. Sometimes you just gotta multitask:

13. Nothing like spending quality time with grandpa:

14. Explains why mom is popular down at the market:

15. Holiday chores are the worst:

16. Punishment?

17. She should have kept this to herself:

18. I think mom might be too busy to answer her phone:


19. Is strawberry porn a thing?

20. I think I also heard that tip on the Food Network:

21. I bet it's more than just cookies:


22. Sometimes you're just too burned out and tired on the weekends to do anything for yourself:

23. Now Matthew knows why they always whispered behind his back at family reunions:

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