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23 Signs You Might Be Blanche Devereaux From "The Golden Girls"

Put on your sexiest nightgown, grab a slice of cheesecake, and read along.

1. You always give the best dating advice to your friends.

2. You know how to throw a powerful stink eye...

3. ...and an even more powerful come-hither eye.

4. You're not afraid to try new things.

5. You. Never. Ever. Look. Bad.

6. Even at the gym.

7. And sometimes, you know you look so good that you need to go back to the mirror for a second look -- or a third.

8. Occasionally it seems your good looks are holding you back.

9. You know how to work your best features.

10. You've got your priorities straight.

11. When it comes to dating, you're a natural flirt that isn't afraid to go after what you want.

12. You're pretty much always the most fabulous person at the party.

13. You tend to get a little worked up.

14. You know how to take a compliment.

15. Comebacks?

Yup, you've got them down.

16. You've also got shade down to an art form.

17. Even your nightmares are sexy!

18. Underwear? Nope. Not really your thing.

19. You know deep down that your friends are kinda envious when they hear about your sexual escapades.

20. But you're also always there to hear about theirs.

21. You never have a boring night at home.

22. You know that there is nothing that a slice of cheesecake can't solve.

23. But most importantly, you know the power of a good strut!