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    23 Memes That'll Make Anyone Who Has Worked Retail Say, "Oof, Too Real"

    There is no bigger feeling of defeat than having a customer walk into the store two minutes before you close.

    1. When you pull into the mall parking lot and you can already tell it's going to be one of those days:

    2. When you just want your 15 minute break:

    3. When it couldn't be more clear that you work there, but this still happens:

    4. When it's 8:58 p.m. and this happens:

    5. And the joy when they're denied:

    6. When you know the only thing in the stockroom is dust:

    7. When a customer thinks you're lying when you say "everything we have is out":

    8. When there is no way in hell you're clocking back in:

    9. When a customer fully knows they're wrong but still does this:

    10. When your customer service accidentally opens up a Pandora's box:

    11. When a customer decides to "I don't know her" you and it backfires on them:

    12. When you LOL internally at this threat:

    13. When this becomes the mantra that keeps you sane:

    14. When you spend an hour fixing your section only to have a customer destroy it in 30 seconds:

    15. When you hear this joke 35 times a day:

    16. When you start to wonder if customers are bringing merchandise from other stores:

    17. When you have this common exchange at the register:

    18. This very accurate graph:

    19. When a customer thinks spending $50 allows them to VIP treatment:

    20. When you've been working so many days straight that your brain can't even process a simple greeting:

    21. When everyone calls out sick on the weekend:

    22. When you finally reach your breaking point and do this mic drop:

    23. And finally, when you've listened to that same Christmas soundtrack all day: