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23 Memes That Will Make You Yell Out, "Oh Wow, I Def Have Done That Before"

Nothing like saying you're "super busy," but actually just watching YouTube videos.

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1. When your one messy friend says they want to drive:


2. When you lie about your "hot plans" 'cause you just want to fall into a YouTube rabbit hole:


3. When you literally have nothing on your phone and wonder where all your storage is going:

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4. When your credit card is the only thing letting you live paycheck to paycheck:


5. When you wait until the absolute last minute to get ready:


6. When you're spilling your guts via text to your BFF and you get this back:


7. When you "accidentally" decide to see what your ex is up to:

8. When you try to convince yourself you're above petty drama:


9. When you hear drama break out in public:

10. When you know that one wrong step and you'll be cleaning water off the floor:


11. When this unexpectedly happens:


12. When this terrifying moment happens:

13. When you just find reasons to procrastinate:


14. When the direct deposit hits and you have to remind yourself it's not bi-weekly Treat Yo' Self Day:


15. When you're happy listening to that playlist you made in 2006:


16. When it feels like your shower is purposefully fucking with you:


17. When you get that Uber alert on your phone, but you still got a full drink:


18. When you realize your friend has other friends besides you:


19. When you unintentionally make your friendship unnecessary:


20. When you get stuck behind THAT person at a fast food restaurant:


21. When you're so drunk that even your hearing is dizzy:

22. When you and your friends get so lit that you need to work as a team to piece the night together:


23. And finally, when you have such a crazy night that you're too scared to even try to figure out what happened:


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