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23 People Who Deeply Regret Friending Their Parents On Facebook

Proof that you should NEVER friend your parents.

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1. This girl, who will never ever be able to sit down at her family's kitchen table again:

2. This person, who now knows not to hit up Joe's Crab Shack:

3. This guy, who found out his dad is not going to put up with his emo bullshit:


4. This girl, who found out her dad is not putting up with T-Swift bullshit:

5. This guy, who learned his mom is not down with the cougars:

6. This kid, whose mom will take any occasion to brag about her sex life:


7. This kid, who just realized his mom wasn't born yesterday:

8. This guy, who can't get "personal time" anywhere:

9. This girl, who just realized her mom has got some skillz:

10. This guy, whose mom wants him to change his "single" status:

11. This guy, whose mom is subtly throwing hints:

12. This girl, whose dad is really looking out for her:

13. This girl, who just found out what her dad does when he is away on "business":

14. This girl, who is literally living out Britney Spears' "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman":

15. This guy, who found out his mom celebrates EVERY holiday:

16. This guy, whose mom prefers a landing strip:

17. This kid, who learned the hard way that he should've used the Invite Only function:

18. This guy, who just shared a very cringe-worthy moment with his mom:

19. This kid, who just realized he is getting a lump of coal for Christmas:

20. This kid, who totally forgot he is only 11 years old:

21. This guy, whose mom isn't afraid to publicly burn him:

22. This guy, who just learned that the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree:


23. And finally, this poor guy, whose mom just needs to cut the cord:

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