23 People Who Are Worse At Drinking Than You

Or 23 reminders of why you should drink responsibly.

1. This woman, who couldn’t remember how to open her door so she just got creative:

2. These two guys, who unexpectedly found love:

They do say you’ll find true love when you least expect it.

3. This irresponsible woman, who is proof of why you shouldn’t drink and drive:

4. This girl, who was responsible enough to take a cab:

5. This girl, who just found out she can do the splits:

6. This guy, who, somehow, managed to sleep through this:

7. This resourceful man, who found a way to actually sleep on the toilet and destroy his neck at the same time:

8. This guy, who is now just a red Solo cup art installation:

9. This girl, who forgot how to sit in a chair:

10. These two girls, who realized that the dance floor is the best place for a disco nap:

11. This resourceful woman, who somehow made a slice of pizza into a pillow:

12. This guy, who is probably wishing he had something as comfortable as pizza to sleep on:

13. This guy, who is a perfect example of why we need the site, The People of Walmart:

14. This guy, who just provided entertainment for an entire train car:

15. This guy, who will probably need a tetanus shot when he wakes up:

16. This groom, who reminded his bride what a lucky, lucky woman she is:

17. This guy, whose being passed out is the least of his worries:

18. This woman, who is further proof of why you shouldn’t drink and drive (or ride a bike):

19. This guy, who really made an impression on his date:

20. This guy, who unexpectedly found a new calling in life:

21. This guy, who just should’ve not attempted to cross the street:

22. This guy, who at least made it to the restroom:

But, sadly, not the toilet. :(

23. This guy, who is going to have A LOT of questions when he wakes up.

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