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    23 Most Fetch Moments From The "Mean Girls" Premiere

    This is proof that 2004 was possibly the greatest year in Lindsay Lohan's life.

    1. Damian (aka Daniel Franzese) bravely rocked a lot of pattern.

    2. While his on-screen BFF, Janis (aka Lizzy Caplan) looked almost unrecognizable as a blonde.

    3. Raven-Symoné rocked a leather jacket that looked like a bedazzled quinceanera dress.

    4. '90s movie teen queen Rachel Leigh Cook was there to pass down the crown.

    5. Of course, Tina Fey was there and she looked slightly uncomfortable.

    6. But I'm sure she probably felt better when she thought of all the money the movie was going to make.

    7. Fred Armisen's outfit could've used a bird on it.

    8. Amy Poehler looked lovely like always...

    9. ...and she brought along her then-hubby, Will Arnett.

    10. Will's Arrested Development co-star Mae "her?" Whitman was also there.

    11. Eat your heart out, Regina George, cause Gretchen Wieners (aka Lacey Chabert) was radiating glamour.

    12. While her fellow Plastic, Amanda Seyfried, radiated sunshine!

    13. Zach Braff looked a little lost.

    14. One Tree Hill's Bethany Joy Lenz blew out kisses to her CW fans.

    15. Aaron Samuels (aka Jonathan Bennett) proved his hair also looks sexy pushed forward.

    16. Jordan Brewster thought she was going to a costume party and came dressed like Paris Hilton.

    17. Regina mother-effing George herself, Rachel McAdams, looked absolutely HOT.

    This lady can't even believe how hot Rachel looks.

    18. But the night really belonged to the film's star, Lindsay Lohan...

    19. ...who looked stunning.

    20. She even brought long her younger siblings, Cody and Ali.

    21. At the after-party, Tina took time to pose with Jonathan and Lindsay.

    22. AWWWWWW.... Aaron and Cady forever.

    23. And finally, Tina and Lindsay shared a sweet moment.