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    23 Celebrity #TBT Photos That Were Shared With Us This Week

    Kirsten Dunst remembering The Virgin Suicides kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday!


    1. Kirsten Dunst celebrated the 20th anniversary of her film The Virgin Suicides by sharing this ethereal photo taken for the movie:

    2. Jennifer Aniston announced that the cast of Friends would be participating in the All In Challenge — through their upcoming reunion special — by posting this classic photo of them in the '90s:

    3. Matthew Perry shared this photo of himself with his first improv group back in the '80s:

    4. In honor of the Queen's 94th birthday, Dame Joan Collins posted this photo of herself meeting the Queen back in the early '80s:

    5. While Prince Charles shared these photos of himself and the Queen (from throughout his life) in celebration of her birthday:

    6. Cindy Crawford posted this photo from the first vacation she ever took with her husband, Rande Gerber, back in 1994:

    7. Billy Zane shared this Polaroid he took of Leonardo DiCaprio during the filming of Titanic in 1996:

    8. In celebration of her 46th birthday, Victoria Beckham posted this video — accompanied by the Spice Girls' "Who Do You Think You Are" — full of photos from when she was a kid:

    9. John Stamos shared these GQ-worthy photos of himself taken in the '90s:

    10. Katy Perry remembered her late cat, Kitty Purry, by posting these photo of herself holding her in the late '00s:

    11. In honor of her 30th birthday, Emma Watson shared this cute photo of herself as a toddler in the early '90s:

    12. Dua Lipa posted this video clip of herself enjoying the beach in the late '90s:

    13. Naomi Campbell celebrated having Anna Wintour on her YouTube series, No Filter, by sharing the September 1989 cover of Vogue — which was also her first cover for the American edition:

    14. Sarah Michelle Gellar shared this quarantine meme of herself, which features the microbangs she sported on Buffy in the late '90s:

    15. While Madonna posted her first album cover from 1983, but with a twist as her face is covered with a mask:

    16. Nick Kroll remembered one of the first commercials he did back in 2004:

    #tbt This 2004 commercial was one of my 1st paid acting jobs. I couldn’t remember my lines & kept screwing up. The crew was understandably annoyed which made me panic more. Whenever it’s 3pm and I’m feeling sluggish, I think about this commercial and it makes me more exhausted.

    17. Paris Hilton shared this photo of herself and sister Nicky back in the early '90s:

    18. In celebration of Earth Day, Janet Jackson shared this photo taken on the set of her 1997 music video for "Together Again":

    19. Natalie Portman remembered when she guest-starred on Angie Tribeca back in 2017:

    20. Paul McCartney celebrated Saint George's Day by sharing this photo of himself in the studio with the late George Harrison and George Martin in the early '80s:

    21. While Salma Hayek celebrated Saint George's Day by posting photos of herself alongside the two Georges in her life — George Clooney and Giorgio Armani:

    22. Mariah Carey remembered Prince on the fourth anniversary of his death by posting this photo of the two of them at the Apollo Theater 75th Anniversary Gala in 2009:

    23. And finally, Vanessa Bryant shared this photo of herself and the late Kobe Bryant in the early to '00s to commemorate what would've been their 19th wedding anniversary:

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