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    Here Are 23 #TBT Photos Celebs Posted On Instagram This Week

    Behind-the-scenes photos from the set of Mean Girls kick off this week's #ThrowbackThursday! 💋

    1. Jonathan Bennett shared some behind-the-scenes photos taken on the set of Mean Girls, as well as one of him with Ariana Grande on the set of "Thank U Next," in honor of the film's 16th anniversary:

    2. In celebration of her mom's 65th birthday, Britney Spears posted this photo of the two of them in the early '00s:

    3. Janet Jackson shared this photo of herself talking on the phone in the '80s:

    4. Joan Collins posted this photo of herself with Paul Newman in the '60s:

    5. Nicole Kidman shared this pretty photo of herself taken in the '90s:

    6. Madonna posted this video of herself that highlights a ton of moments from throughout her almost 40-year career:

    7. In honor of David Beckham's 45th birthday, Victoria Beckham shared this photo of the two of them walking their dogs in 1997:

    8. Dolly Parton posted this oh-so-pretty photo of herself from the '70s:

    9. Mindy Kaling threw it back to her The Office days to make a point about the importance of social distancing:

    10. Diane Keaton shared this video of herself on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in the '70s:

    11. John Boyega posted this video of himself and Oscar Isaac on the set of The Rise of Skywalker in 2018, in celebration of May the 4th (aka Star Wars day):

    12. Seth Rogen shared this photo of himself doing standup in 1995:

    13. Will Smith took it back to his The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air days with his #TBT:

    14. Billy Ray Cyrus shared this photo of himself and his wife, Tish, taken in the '90s:

    15. Reese Witherspoon posted this photo of herself where she appears to be wearing every late-'90s trend at once:

    16. Salma Hayek shared this photo of herself and Johnny Depp at Frank Sinatra's 80th birthday party in 1995:

    17. Nate Berkus posted this photo of himself going to prom in the late '80s:

    In honor of prom season, here is #TBT to my high school prom. I told my date Daria we would be the best dressed. Mission accomplished 👌🏼

    18. Hillary Clinton shared this photo of herself with her grandma in the early '50s:

    19. Zooey Deschanel posted this photo of the New Girl cast in honor of everyone who is binge-watching the show while in quarantine:

    20. Sofía Vergara shared this photo of herself in the '90s:

    21. Jennifer Aniston posted this photo of herself flipping off the paparazzi in the late '90s, and basically summed it up as her feelings toward corona (which, truly, is all of us):

    22. Finally, Natalie Portman gave us a double #TBT this week. First was a photo of herself at 15 years old in 1996 — and she captioned it with whether or not she should give herself corona bangs:

    23. And her second was a look back at her character Padmé Amidala from the Star Wars prequels, in honor of May the 4th: