23 Cats Who Are Totally Over Their Halloween Costumes

    A lot scratching and biting probably went on just to get a few likes on Instagram.

    1. This cat wishes he could roll his eyes even further:

    2. The Force is not with this cat:

    3. Something tells me this isn't the first time this cat has worn an embarrassing costume:

    4. "Yeah, I don't think I am fooling anyone either."

    5. This cat's unhappiness is making her unintentionally channel Eeyore:

    6. Clearly she was not prepared for all the responsibilities being Batman brought:

    7. "I would get up, but this costume is weighing me down both physically and emotionally."

    8. "OMG, I hope they don't think I am a real lobster."

    9. This cat's side-eye is so sharp it could cut the wool off of a real sheep:

    10. "Get that camera away from me. NOW!"

    11. "Wait, I'm not supposed to wear costumes everyday?"

    12. By the look on his face, I bet this cat wishes he had a horse to ride-off into the sunset with:

    13. "Oh, so this wasn't a giant penis koozie you were knitting."

    14. This cat is definitely plotting to leave a "surprise joke" in his owner's shoes:

    15. "Wait, do I really look that stupid?!"

    16. "If I could get up, I would scratch you."

    17. "No, I will not 'moo' for you!"

    18. Maybe she really wanted to dress up as Mewtwo?

    19. "Don't let the dumb costume fool you, it's me. And don't you DARE try to kiss me."

    20. "So you didn't think I was cuddly enough before?"

    21. This isn't resting bitchface, it's "I'm going to cut a bitch" face:

    22. "A mouse riding me? I will not forget this indignity."

    23. This cat literally can't even: