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    23 "Arthur" Memes That Just Went Too Far

    Reminder: The internet has no chill when it comes to destroying your childhood.

    1. This one that made us imagine D.W. getting her freak on:

    2. This one where D.W. didn't give two shits about fucking up Francine's life:

    3. This one where Arthur basically became the new Lana Del Rey sugar daddy meme:

    4. This one where D.W. really called out Muffy:

    5. This one where we learned how Arthur deals with D.W.'s shit:

    6. This one that is a NOPE:

    7. This one that is just a double NOPE:

    8. This one that basically reaffirmed our suspicions about Binky:

    9. This one that hinted that Arthur wasn't Binky's only client:

    10. This one that is just a whole lot of WTF:

    #arthurmemes when he tryna make you jealous

    11. This one that is just wrong, wrong, wrong:

    12. This one that we did not need an image in our heads of:

    13. This one that is too real:

    14. This one that is too accurate:

    15. This one that def shows D.W. in the future:

    16. This one that gave us an image of Mr. Read that we didn't need:

    17. This one where we could only hope there wasn't an awful trip in store for them:

    18. This one that is just too creepy:

    19. This one that I'm just SMH at:

    20. This one where shit hit the fan for Francine:

    21. This one where Arthur issued a subtle threat to Buster:

    22. This one that is just too funny:

    23. And finally, this one that gave us an image we'll never be able to get out of our heads: