23 Adorable Pictures Of Halloween Kid Costumes From The ’80s

    A decade that was defined by vinyl smock costumes.

    1. This Jem costume is "truly, truly outrageous."

    2. She-Ra and Raggedy Ann joining forces to conquer Halloween.

    3. Dr. Egon Spengler ain't afraid of no ghosts.

    4. The kid on the right got the short end of the stick when they selected costumes.

    5. This is an epically cute Michael Jackson costume!

    6. Not going to lie, this Vicki costume is kinda creepy.

    7. ALF looking around for a cat to eat.

    8. A meeting of the "Officially Licensed Character Brigade."

    9. Two sides of adorable!

    10. Rambo is no match for this cute little devil.

    11. Two original Bronies.

    12. Spiderman giving a epic side-eye to Strawberry Shortcake.

    13. Halloween parades in elementary school only meant one thing: getting a chance to show-off your costume while walking around to Michael Jackson's "Thriller."

    14. Rainbow Brite is ready for Halloween -- or possibly a rave.

    15. This kid is really excited about his Go-Bot costume.

    16. The Force is definitely with these two.

    17. Teen Wolf or Werewolf Bar Mitzvah costume?

    18. A Pound Puppy and Pound Purry prove the power of friendship.

    19. A Smurf having a smurfing time taking pictures.

    20. A Popple who decided to join the pumpkin people gang.

    21. Only in the '80s could a kid get away wearing this costume:

    22. Chuck Norris trick-or-treats, without ever leaving his house.

    23. Sweet Rose Petal posing for a photo...

    ...unaware of what's lurking behind her!!!